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De Facto Monoculture

De Facto Monoculture
January 14, 2009, 07:16:22 PM

multiculturalism to me seems to have as its end precisely what is described by the word monoculture, but through the dissolution of each and every shred of identity possessed by the various cultures combined within. first of all, I don't think culture is necessarily anything to strive for in the first place, and it's certainly not worth a shit when what's being passed off as culture is a sanitized and deodorized admixture of whatever least boring ethnic sediment got caught in the strainer.  terence mckenna made a brilliant point once that culture is a construct created for the benefit of convenience; that is to say that all members of a culture are branded as such in order to be easily summarized.  hipsters with upturned collars are very fond of pointing out their culture, and in the contemporary sense of the word, they're speaking truthfully.  they're grabbing a hold of boutique fetishism yes, but only because that's what they're being sold. kids who years back drew Xs on their hands in magic marker and became militantly committed to a life of sobriety= a nearly shocking oxymoron - were told by their authority figures that drugs and alcohol were uncool.  those authority figures (read: boring old white people like Nancy Reagan) eventually informed the immediate peers of those kids and out came the black markers.  what is perceived as culture is whatever is capable of being industrialized and consumed at a given moment.  contemporary memes are easily disseminated and thus seem to take on the appearance of being new or cutting edge;  they're not.   these so-called memes are dictated to us by politicians, corporations, marketers, clergymen, athletes, journalists, and teachers.  we simply take the ball and run with it - and almost none of it has ever been worth preserving, nor has it been worthy of our attention.