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VORUM: Grim Death Awaits mini album prelisten!

Vorum will release their first MCD baptized "GRIM DEATH AWAITS" in 24th of April 2009 through Woodcut Records. STAY TUNED!!

Prelisten to the MCD at:

Vorum is a death metal band hailing from Ahvenanmaa Finland and came to existence in the winter of 2006. The three members J.Johansson, M. Jalava and M. Josefsson started rehearsing almost daily and began focusing on writing songs. After a while the band (then under the moniker of Haudankaivaja) did a demo in the summer of 2007 wich contained 7 songs and was recorded by M. Josefssons brother Jesper. This demo was never officially released. The band played a few gigs in Mariehamn and in late February of 2008,
Vorum went to Panu Posti to record a new demo that later came to gather some attention. The demo of 2008 was well received in reviews on internet fanzines like imperiumi. net but as well in magazines such as Miasma, and a few cd-r demos was sent out to people who asked for it. Vorum has had some radio plays in the YleX Metalliliitto show and was seen on the front cover of the finnish metal/rock magazine “Inferno” this year. The latest demo in question is now going to be released as an MCD by Woodcut Records named “GRIM DEATH AWAITS” and it is the bands first official release. Vorum is now slowly but steady writing new material for their debut full-length album.

Death Metal!

VORUM videos available on youtube

Vorum: Grim Death Awaits
May 2009
Released: 2009, Woodcut Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen / Metal Rules

Death comes in a million different ways… Vorum, from The Åland Islands, comes in one way only, the old school death metal way (for those looking for some accurate information, from The Åland Islands, it´s located at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia and forms an autonomous, demilitarized, monolingually Swedish-speaking administrative province, region and historical province of Finland). These 3 relatively young fellows in Vorum have already managed to cause quite a lot of fuss in their home country, Finland, in the last months - even appearing on the front cover of the biggest Scandinavian metal magazine, Inferno Magazine (on January 2009 issue).

So, what´s so special in them, one may curiously yet rightfully ask? Well, despite their young ages, these guys swear by the name of bands like Necrovore, Morbid Angel, Nihilist, Kaamos, Possessed, etc. – shamelessly hailing all these death metal acts whose origins are deeply rooted in the fundamental values of this particular genre in question. It makes me feel good inside that these guys 20 years younger than myself (or more… damn, it also makes me feel freaking old!) into the old school death metal have found some of these first, genre defining bands of the whole death metal movement. When spinning through Vorum´s debut 8-track mini-CD, titled GRIM DEATH AWAITS, it is nothing but clear proof of everything that I just pointed out in those aforementioned lines. The band has truly understood its ultimate mission to continue flying the flag for the ancient sounding old school death metal bands the best they can - making no compromises but only doing the thing they do best: Playing old school death metal like some of the true champions of the genre.

Right off from the first track, “They Are the Dead”, which is a heavy and murky instrumental tune, the listener knows exactly what he/she is about to get on the plate. “Grim Death Awaits” follows soon, and smashes your skull with a ten-ton hammer, as the title track of this mini-CD already suggests. And if you already thought this would let you go that easily, you´re so wrong. Another dose of limb-heavy, crushing, grim and dark death metal hits its listener like a furious grizzly bear out from the bushes towards you, and rips and tears you apart – flesh piece by piece. You sense the smell of death around you? Good…

In the end, GRIM DEATH AWAITS is simply nothing but pure old school death metal worship, from start to finish. It´s also delivered convincingly enough with an incredible amount of determination to make it sound the way it should sound in the first place, so if you are looking for something other than the reek of ancient death and decay, then you have obviously passed this review some minutes ago already. But if bands from Nihilist to Possessed pay a more regular visit to your stereo system than, let´s say, albums like LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN (by Poison), or NIGHTS SONGS (by Cinderella), then I warmly suggest you get Vorum´s GRIM DEATH AWAITS right off the bat for your instant listening pleasure because I simply cannot see any single reason why you should regret your decision afterwards. Vorum offers no less than essential old school death metal in its most beautiful form. Only death is real, for Vorum at least.