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ARE YOU TALKIN TO ME? TROLL stalking metal community

I'm glad Nathan Gale shot Dimebag Darrel in the face. I wish I could've been there to see it but I was too busy at home masturbating to a Trivium song. I also hate everyone who was in the band. Except Phil. Because he's a white supremacist. Their music sounded like they were taking it in the ass by a buttplug while guzzling each other's cum. So much for groove metal too. It didn't sound groovy at all.


Not my troll, but I thoroughly enjoyed the three pages of incredulous, irate and self-righteous replies it got.

Trolling is an underrated artform and great at bursting bubbles when done properly. Fun too.


I enjoyed the ARE YOU TALKIN TO ME?/Black Metal troll in the latest issue of Terrorizer mag. It reads like something ANUS would do.

(click to enlarge)

yeah that Terrorizer thing really is a troll! Those mentioned bands don't exist.



I'll have to locate that first hand account and investigation of a gay liason between them, the transfer of HIV from DD to CS, and CS sending an assassin to take out DD. The media lied and gave us pneumonia and bad drug deals.
”The Revolution ends by devouring its own children” – Jacques Mallet du Pan, 1793