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Drop the Ego, Lift the Sword

Re: Drop the Ego, Lift the Sword
April 25, 2009, 06:53:27 AM
Broaden your scope enough, and even galaxies become insubstantial and negligible.

Just to be clear, I was actually agreeing with you.  I just thought I would add my last post for fairness.  Maybe I shouldn't have.  And your quote is only true for galaxies that don't contribute to the galactic federation.

Re: Drop the Ego, Lift the Sword
April 25, 2009, 10:34:09 AM
Fairness is for losers :)

Re: Drop the Ego, Lift the Sword
April 25, 2009, 04:46:50 PM
If that's too "humanist", then one could say there is a universe out there that could benefit.

How exactly does my performance on college coursework significantly benefit the universe as a whole in the long term, or anyone besides myself?
How exactly is your-self not a part of the universe?

In his defense, it could be that whatever effect he has on the universe is insubstantial and so essentially negligible.  However, I still agree with you in principle.

Perhaps I should have been more specific. Every small action obviously affects the universe in some way or other, but what exactly will be positively impacted in the grand scheme of things? And even if it does, do you think it truly matters? Will it keep the earth in orbit around the sun?

It will help your survival by the rules of a dying civilization, but not by the ethereal laws of nature.

Re: Drop the Ego, Lift the Sword
April 25, 2009, 10:22:52 PM
By the ethereal laws of nature, NOTHING will help you survive. Whether or not something has a positive impact has less to do with the action itself than it does with how one pursues it. One can only operate within the scope of one's own existence - saying that educating oneself or improving one's station in the society in which one operates is irrelevant simply because it won't change the orbit of the sun is non sequitir (not to mention pathetically defeatist) - I realize you are using hyperbole to make a point; mine is that the point is pointless.

Re: Drop the Ego, Lift the Sword
May 05, 2009, 05:02:07 PM
I think I know what TimeCurator means since I'm in a similar situation. I think I'll expand on his original thoughts a bit. It's useless to always be an outsider. If you ever want to accomplish anything, you'll have to enter society at least somewhat. I think the biggest obstacle is to think outside of yourself. I used to live my life as I were at war with the world. I lived trying to get myself ahead and saw everyone as an obstacle. My general state of mind was of extreme hatred towards every single person. I now see that I am part of the human race and I have a responsibility towards them. Is our goal not trying to make everyone aware of reality to form a better society? Instead of just shoving accusations in peoples' faces of how they're stupid and everything they've ever believed in is wrong, show them. I know I make a difference in the life of many people I meet, and that in turn spreads to others. Even just by being around people, they see a person in a healthy state of mind and it does make a difference. And the benefits aren't just one-sided either. People have insights into life that you have missed and it always helps to get an outside perspective of yourself.

EDIT: Just saw the Langan video and there is proof positive. He spent all his time in a library and he got nowhere in life.