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How to fight "Christianity"

Re: How to fight "Christianity"
May 15, 2009, 02:21:36 PM
Pantheism rapidly becomes dualism and superstition because one starts seeing the whole world as alive, and having a will outside its parts.

Idealism fixes this by showing us that our thoughts and the world act in similar ways, so neither has a will that's conscious, only a dumb process of proliferation, divergence and filtration -- natural selection.

You can "feel" natural selection in your thoughts. When you run into a new situation, your head floods with ideas, and then they get compared to one another like a bubble sort, with the winners of each comparison facing each other until you're down to a handful, at which point the one that seems to "fit" best is selected.

I think Time Curator is referring to something similar to what Wordsworth was describing with his concept of the "God in Nature". Otherwise, a literalistic interpretation of pantheism is just as ridiculous as that of Christianity.

Re: How to fight "Christianity"
May 16, 2009, 01:30:28 PM
I think we should make a distinction between animism and pantheism.

In animism, the concept of duality is not conformed yet, reality is a pile of forces without any categorization that conflict among themselves without any specific order.

Dualism is the result of categorization of phenomena, and brings a notion of order and movement in a dual division of substance... but, what conforms the laws of this interaction?

Pantheism is the notion of a God that gathers in His own nature the opposites, their interaction and their sum. (In daily life you find a lot of deluded 'pantheists', but that's not the guilt of the concept, again)

Re: How to fight "Christianity"
May 16, 2009, 05:15:14 PM
I think we should make a distinction between animism and pantheism.

The transition from animism to pantheism is anthropomorphisization. The formerly nebulous spirit entities that explain some component parts of nature are given animal-like, then later, man or woman-like characteristics, but remain supernatural. The many man-like gods are later combined into one god. But, The One never needed to be anthropomorphisized.

Neoplatonism might actually have been on to something more advanced, but Judeo-Christianity happened along at the time and put Western Civ into a less developed stage. Neoplatonism would have let us skip the man-like One God stage. Regress happens to civilization when revolting crowds replace the bright few elite.