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VIJAY PROZAK interview on "The Night Before with Nick Margerrison"

"The Night Before With Nick Margerrison" on Kerrang Radio (UK)

Date: May 13, 2009 ~ 10:00 PM GMT (See schedule)
Topics: Nihilism, Slayer, Malediction

One of the best interviewers I've ever worked with.

Podcast of the show

And if you're in the UK...

The Night before

If anyone has a recording, it would be great for us to archive it.

Today? I think that the time is wrong there then - it will be 6pm in the US when it is on air. That will be 10pm BST (GMT+1) over here.
The 6pm show is the one on now, and it has some very bad music being played.

Cool. Do we get to call in? I'll try and record it.

There was a young nihilist called Vijay
Who Vedicly spoke to a DJ:
"Well, Houellebecq is grand,
Unlike squamous Ayn Rand,
Whom I flushed down the Dark Legionsí bidet!"

I don't think it's going to be broadcast today. Nothing about it on the show introduction. Perhaps the interview was recorded today to be aired at a later date?

That will be 10pm BST (GMT+1) over here.

Correct. It's at 10 PM per their schedule -- text above updated:


I listened to nearly the whole show. It almost killed me: shit music, conspiracy theories, discussions about "chem-trails" and whether to sit on public toliets. It wasn't on tonight. Tomorrow is "Thunder Thursday." Perhaps it will be on then.

Thanks for tuning in. Not sure what's afoot -- I thought it was either live or shortly would be. But perhaps it's advance material.

Thursday 10:00 PM - 1 AM looks like their next slot.


I'll find out the exact broadcast time of the interview for you...just rang Nick to find out.

I will also create an mp3 of the interview and get it to you somehow!

I also work at Kerrang radio and do the underground and extreme metal shows (The Temple of Doom Friday 1am Saturday mornings) and have been visiting ANUS for about ten years, which started by reading metal reviews, then getting into the discussions. I was the one who suggested ANUS being part of his show as i was tired of listening to people endlessly discussing UFO's and the New World Order and just thought it would be something a bit different! Nick is a really good guy and is open to all kinds of interesting discussions and ideas which keeps me sane at work! His show has to cater for all types though...so it's full of the usual candidates!

Like i said....I will find out when it's on....

regards and keep up the good work,

Johnny Doom

did this happen?  is it archived anywhere?

Bump for interest.