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REPULSION, BRUTAL TRUTH show in Brooklyn, New York

"Grindcore legends REPULSION, PIG DESTROYER, and BRUTAL TRUTH will team up for a show on July 31st at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, NY. REPULSION will be performing Horrified in its entirety."


This should be great! That other fest looks tempting, however I need to save money to spend at Maryland Deathfest. Anyone else want to go to this? I'll definitely be there.

Presently, it seems that the online show schedule of the Brooklyn Masonic Temple has yet to acknowledge that they will be hosting the Repulsion gig. I ought to find a way to get in touch with the webmaster, to rectify this glaring omission.

If it turns out that the price is right, there is a good chance that I will attend this; it would be a grand follow-up to the Atheist show on the 12th.


The website for the Masonic Temple has now listed the show on its calendar. The tickets are 25$ before surcharges and such.

I'd suggest anyone within driving distance should try for this concert.