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QUIETUS on rapture radio

QUIETUS on rapture radio
November 07, 2004, 04:06:32 AM
Rapture Radio will be playing the new version of
"Destroyer of Worlds" from QUIETUS this Sunday
(November 7th) at 6 PM CST (GMT -06:00) on The Rapture
Sabbath! The Rapture Sabbath is a two-hour competition
on the first Sunday of every month between twenty
bands where their songs are played and then voted upon
by the listeners, and the best ones are put on their
CD compilations for worldwide promotion! This is a
great opportunity for underground bands, so
submissions are welcome for upcoming shows. Tune in
tomorrow night and vote to show your support! If you
haven't checked out the new version of "Destroyer of
Worlds" with drummer Iwan Hendrikx, be sure to check
it out on the Rapture Sabbath!

To tune in, go to: