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Who's who in hell from the Judeo-Christian pantheon

Several metal names to be found here.

Abaddon   King of Demons. Better known by his Greek name Apollyon.
Abigor                 A horseman with a lance and scepter, commanding 60 legions of devils.
Adramelech   Chancellor of Hell and President of The High Council of Devils.
Aguares   Grand Duke of Eastern Hell, commanding 30 legions of devils.
Alocer                 Grand Duke of Hell, commanding 36 legions of devils.
Amduscias   Grand Duke of Hell, commanding 29 legions, popular with black magicians.
Andras                 Marquis of Hell, commanding 30 legions of devils.
Asmodeus   Head of the Casinos of Hell, banished to the desert by Raphael.
Astaroth   Grand Duke of Western Hell, Lord Treasurer of Hell.
Astarte                 One of a number of heathen gods and goddesses sometimes consigned to Hell.
Aym                 Grand Duke of Hell, commanding 26 legions of demons. Also Haborym.
Ayperos   Prince of Hell, commanding 36 legions of devils.
Azazel                 Standard Bearer of the armies of Hell. Also Satanael.
Baal                 Commanding General of the Infernal Armies.
Baalberith   Chief Secretary and Archivist of Hell, a second-order demon. Also Berith.
Balan                 Prince of Hell.
Bearded Demon, the   His name cannot be given lest people deal with him in search of the Philosopher's Stone (as King Solomon and Paracelsus are said to have done).

Beelzebub   Prince of Demons, Lord of the Flies, second only to Satan.
Belial                Prince of Trickery, Demon of Sodomy, sometimes called The Antichrist. It is likely he is also the one called Zephar by the German demonologist Weir.
Belphegor   Demon of Ingenious Discoveries and Wealth.
Buer                 Second-order demon but commanding 50 legions of devils.
Caym                Grand President of Hell
Charon                 Boatman of Hell who ferries souls across the Styx or Archeron
Chax                 Grand Duke of Hell. Also Scox.
Cresil                 Demon of impurity and slovenliness (according to Sebastien Michaelis, 1613).
Dagon                 Baker of Hell, member of the House of Princes.
Eurynomus   Prince of Hell who feeds on corpses.
Furfur                 Count of Hell, commanding 26 legions of demons.
Geryon                 Giant centaur who (Dante said) guards Hell. Others say the guardian is a dragon.
Hecate                Queen of the witches.
Jezebeth   Demon of Falsehoods.
Kasdeya   According to The Book of Enoch (LXIX:12) 'the fifth Satan.'
Kobal                Entertainment Director of Hell, patron of comedians
Leonard   Inspector-General of Black Magic and Sorcery, The Great Negro of the witches' sabbats as a giant black goat. In Germany, Urian.
Leviathan   Grand Admiral of Hell; androgynous, he is said to have seduced both Adam and Eve.
Lilith                 Princess of Hell, first wife of Adam.
Malphas   Grand President of Hell, commanding 40 legions of devils. Same as Caym?
Mammon   A word misunderstood was personified as the Demon of Avarice.
Mastema   Leader of the offspring of fallen angels by human beings.
Melchom   Treasurer of the House of the Princes of Hell.
Mephistopheles   In some versions, servant of Lucifer, in others, The Devil himself.
Merihim                Prince of Pestilence.
Moloch                Another demon inherited from Jewish belief.
Mullin                Servant of the House of Princes, lieutenant to Leonard.
Murmur                Count of Hell, Demon of Music.
Naburus   Marquis of Hell, connected with Cerberus.
Nergal                Chief of Secret Police of Hell, a second-order demon, married to Allotu.
Nybras                Grand Publicist of the Pleasures of Hell, an inferior demon.
Nysrogh   Chief of the House of Princes of Hell, a second order demon.
Orias                Marquis of Hell, Demon of Diabolic Astrologers and Diviners.
Orthon                A minor demon familiar to the Comte de Corasse and the Comte de Foix. Another personal demon known by name is Sybacco, rather unreliably said to have attended Adriano Lemmi, connected with the alleged Satanic-Masonic cult of Palladinism in 19th century Italy and then there are all sorts of demons (usually with French names) that possessed French nuns, etc.

Paymon     Master of Ceremonies of Hell.
Philotanus   Demon assisting Belial in furthering pederasty and sodomy.
Proserpine   In some accounts, Princess of Hell.
Pyro                Prince of Falsehood.
Raum               Count of Hell, commanding 30 legions of demons.
Rimmon               Ambassador from Hell to (Czarist) Russia, Chief Physician of Hell. Also Damas.
Ronwe               Minor demon commanding 19 legions of devils.
Samael                Angel of Death, Prince of the Air, perhaps the one who tempted Eve.
Semiazas   Chief of the Fallen Angels.
Shabriri                Demon who struck people blind. The Jews also had goat demons (Schirim, Seirim), demon monsters (Behemoth, Leviathan), and Lilim, Nazzikim, Ruchoth, and many more.
Sonneillon   Demon of Hate (Michaelis).
Succorbenoth   Chief Eunuch of the House of Princes, Demon of Gates and Jealousy.
Thamuz                Ambassador of Hell, Creator of The Holy Inquisition, Investor of Artillery.
Ukobach   Stationary Engineer of Hell, Inventor of Fireworks, maybe Cooking Out.
Uphir                Head of the HMO of Hell, Demon physician and apothecary.
Valafar                Grand Duke of Hell 'in charge' say Tondriau and Villeneuve (1972) 'of good relations among brigands.'
Verdelet   Master of Ceremonies of the House of the Princes of Hell.
Verin                Demon of Impatience.
Vetis                A devil who specializes in tempting and corrupting the holy.
Xaphan                Stokes the furnaces of Hell, a second-order demon.
Zaebos                One of the many animal-human combinations in Hebrew imitation of the Sumerians. This one is part crocodile, part human.
Zagam                Demon of Deceit and Counterfeiting. He can do Christ's first miracle, changing water into wine.


Cool list. But:
Ambassador of Hell, Investor of Artillery, Stationary Engineer of Hell, Inventor of Fireworks, Head of the HMO,

Satan CEO of Hell?

Did the number of devils grow with more bureaucracy?

I've studied Christianity a bit and I've always been curious about the development of these demons/angels (and more mystical traditions in general). That website mentions some of where they came from but does anyone know more about this? If they came from previous animistic or Jewish traditions? If anyone has a book to recommend I'd be grateful. That website has some information but it's kind of annoying to navigate.

Some person or persons during the very beginnings of civilization (Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylon) had enough luxury time to create a mythical pantheon in such detail that major world religions would spring out of it. These would later dominate half the world, today. But, history and science today are laying their own foundations for dominion.

Another site with a similar list http://www.djmcadam.com/demons.htm

These are fascinating beliefs made by who I consider other people that are also part of Western Civilization. Still, my own ancestors did not create feverish Heaven, Hell, angels and demons myths as such. Mine were more earthy, seasonal, pastoral, warlike and ancestral in belief. In metal terms, we are more akin to Summoning, Graveland and Burzum, much less the satanic stuff.

From the gnostic texts, more specifically the Apocryphon of John

This is the total number of the demons: 365
They worked together to complete, part by part, the psychical and the material body.

This dim ruler has three names:
            Yaldabaoth is the first.
            Saklas is the second.
            Samael is the third.
He is blasphemous through his thoughtlessness.
He said “I am God, and there is no God but me!”
            Since he didn’t know where his own Power originated.

Here are the seven Authorities’ names and physical forms:
            First, Athoth with a sheep’s face
            Second, Eloaios with a donkey’s face
            Third, Astaphaios with a hyena’s face
            Fourth, Yao with the face of a seven headed snake
            Fifth, Sabaoth who has the face of a dragon
            Sixth, Adonin whose face is that of a monkey
            Seventh, Sabbataios with a face of flame and fire.

Abron created his head;
 Meniggesstroeth created the brain;
Asterechme the right eye;
 Thaspomocha, the left eye;
 Ieronumos, the right ear;
 Bissoum, the left ear; Akioreim, the nose;
Banenrphroum, the lips
; Amen, the front teeth;
 Ibikan, the molars;
 Basiliademe, the tonsils;
 Achcha, the uvula;
Adaban, the neck
; Chaaman, the neckbones;
 Dearcho, the throat;
 Tebar, the shoulder;
Mniarcon, the elbow;
Abitrion, the right arm;
 Evanthen, the left arm
; Krys, the right hand;
Beluai, the left hand;
Treneu, the fingers of the right hand;
 Balbel, the fingers of the left hand;
 Kriman, fingernails;
 Astrops, the right breast;
 Barroph, the left breast;
 Baoum, the right shoulder joint;
Ararim, the left shoulder joint;
Areche, the belly;
 Phthave, the navel;
Senaphim, the abdomen;
Arachethopi, the right ribs;
 Zabedo, the left ribs;
 Barias, the right hip;
 Phnouth the left hip;
Abenlenarchei, the marrow;
Chnoumeninorin, the skeleton
; Gesole, the stomach;
 Agromauna, the heart
; Bano, the lungs;
Sostrapal, the liver;
Anesimalar, the spleen;
Thopithro, the intestines;
 Biblo, the kidneys;
Roeror, the sinews;
 Taphreo, the spine
; Ipouspoboba, the veins;
 Bineborin, the arteries;
 Atoimenpsephei, respiration;
 Entholleia, the flesh;
Bedouk, the right buttock;
 Arabeei, the penis;
 Eilo, the testicles;
Sorma, the genitals;
Gormakaiochlabar, the right thigh;
 Nebrith, the left thigh;
Pserem, the kidneys of the right leg;
Asaklas, the left kidney;
 Ormaoth, the right leg;
 Emenun, the left leg;
 Knyx, the right shin;
Tupelon, the left shin; Achiel, the right knee
; Phnene, the left knee; Phiouthrom, the right foot;
 Boabel, its toes;
Trachoun, the left foot;
Phikna, its toes;
Miamai, the toenails.

And those who were appointed over all of these are:
The energizing powers in the limbs were divided among:
the head made by Diolimodraza;
 the neck by Yammeax;
the right shoulder Yakouib;
the left shoulder Verton
; the right hand Oudidi;
 the left Arbao;
 the fingers of the right hand Lampno;
 the fingers of the left hand Leekaphar
 the right breast Barbar;
the left breast Imae;
the chest Pisandriaptes;
the right shoulder joint Koade;
the left shoulder joint Odeor;
the right ribs Asphixix;
 the left ribs Synogchouta;
 the abdomen Arouph;
 the womb Sabalo;
the right thigh Charcharb;
the left thigh Chthaon;
 the genitals Bathinoth;
 the right leg Choux;
 the left leg Charcha;
the right shin Aroer;
the left shin Toechtha;
 the right knee Aol;
the left knee Charaner;
the right foot Bastan;
 its toes Archentechtha;
the left foot Marephnounth;
 its toes Abrana.

Seven govern the whole body:

The one who governs perceptions: Archendekta
The one who governs reception:     Deitharbathas
The one who governs imagination: Oummaa
The one who governs integration:   Aachiaram
The one who governs impulse:        Riaramnacho.

There is a fourfold source of the bodily demons:
            Hot, Cold, Dry, Wet.

            [Matter is the mother of them all.]

           Ruler of hot:                Phloxopha
           Ruler of cold:              Oroorrothos
           Ruler of dry:                Erimacho
           Ruler of wet:               Athuro.

Their mother stands among them: Onorthochrasaei
            She is unlimited
            She mixes with all of them.
            She is matter
                        And they are nourished by her.

The four chief demons are:
            Ephememphi, associated with pleasure,
            Yoko, associated with desire,
            Nenentophni, associated with distress,
            Blaomen, associated with fear.
                       Their mother is Esthesis-Zouch-Epi-Ptoe. 

I've studied Christianity a bit and I've always been curious about the development of these demons/angels (and more mystical traditions in general). That website mentions some of where they came from but does anyone know more about this? If they came from previous animistic or Jewish traditions? If anyone has a book to recommend I'd be grateful. That website has some information but it's kind of annoying to navigate.

All mythologies have possessor, demon and devil type of characters, but this horde of named creatures most likely originates in Egyptian and Hebrew magic, whose ancient texts give lists of guardian demons, words of power, "barbarous words of evocation" and the like. The Apocryphon of John is a good mention, it has Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek influences. But it's unclear how exactly the gnostic material has influenced the bureaucracies and hierarchies of demons that later came in fashion in the most prominent material from the 15th to the 17th century, such as "Pseudomonarchia Daemonum" and "Goetia". I think you might get something out of Richard Cavendish's "Black Arts", for example. It gives an overview of the most prominent ideas in western magic and mysticism, lots of talk about demons etc. The name of the book might be a bit misleading.