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The new metal classics

Re: The new metal classics
June 28, 2009, 12:22:27 PM
Root, Megiddo, and D666 are all very solid artists who deserve praise.

Re: The new metal classics
June 29, 2009, 06:01:41 AM
Infernum - Farewell (2005)

It's overtly sentimental and a bit too repetitive albeit thanks to its contemplative nature its bearable in similar way as early Enslaved is. It may sound somewhat unfinished (places where they decided to retreat to repetition), but knowing history of that release may help in forgiving its flaws. Simple, calm and beautiful it moves through delicate shifts in texture and more sudden changes in dynamics done by occasional bursts whose reveal full potential of Black Metal technique. Almost an epitaph for BM or maybe a requiem for a fallen friend. There is metal solidness in phrasing contrary to those watered down, newer bands. It does have "that" spirit, that's for sure.


Re: The new metal classics
June 29, 2009, 08:59:27 AM
Here's a list of stuff to check out for possible inclusion to the tape. I want you to tell me what do you think/what specific albums would you recommend in case there isn't one mentioned.

Root - The Book
Maniac Butcher - Lukan Antikrist or something else
Megiddo - The Atavism of Evil or The Devil and the Whore
Hail - Inheritance of Evilness
Immolation - Unholy Cult
Crimson Massacre - The Luster of Pandemonium
Nox Intempesta
Destroyer 666
Disciples of Mockery - Prelude to Apocalypse (or maybe a superior example of modern brutal death metal?)

Thanks for the suggestions, BTW.

Immolation - Unholy Cult is one of the best death metal albums of all time IMO.  Alex Hernandez's drumming will NEVER be topped, good godamn...(Jontho is pretty fucking talented too).

For post-'89 thrash metal that absolutely annihilates, I highly recommend Destruction (GER) - The Antichrist... riffs riffs riffffsssss.  It may be even better than Release from Agony!

Re: The new metal classics
July 01, 2009, 10:48:14 PM
The Maniac Butcher is good, i hear some early Behemoth and Gorgoroth and i'm sure they have a bunch of influences. I'm not really convinced of this band's notability however, how are they more than a sidenote?