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ANUS needs writers

ANUS needs writers
June 22, 2009, 09:54:20 PM
Most websites ask for financial donations or show you ads. Think about metal sites; there are very few exceptions that get any substantial traffic.

We prefer instead to try to involve people in a community.

Like life? Believe in the good stuff? Then you want to make that happen, so you feel a sense of accomplishment. It helps.

ANUS is now looking for writers to create front-page articles and metal articles on ANUS.com.

To apply, you must be:

* Able to discuss philosophical topics in an accessible way
* Able to create unique articles others find informative and want to read
* Able to edit your own material to remove unnecessary wording, keep flow and diction
* Willing to find an image for each article and put it in basic HTML (instructions provided)

To volunteer, private message me