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MALEVOLENT CREATION musician kills robber

MALEVOLENT CREATION musician kills robber
July 05, 2009, 08:15:57 PM
Guitarist Phil Fasciana of long-running Florida death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION was reportedly involved in a bizarre shootout at a convenient store in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. According Fasciana, he pulled into a small store at around 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon (July 3) to get something to drink and walked right into a robbery in progress. "I went in this little store on my way home to get a chocolate milk, of all things, and little did I know, I was walking into a life-or-death situation," he says. "When I walked into the store, I did not notice anyone else in the store until someone started screaming at me and pointed a gun at me. I nearly shit myself, because the dude looked wacked out of his mind and fired four shots directly at me and I went down to the ground because I thought I was surely shot. After about 30 seconds, I realized I was not hit at all and the shooter thought I was dead or injured and started attacking the store worker when I snuck up behind the burglar and talked [to] him and took the gun out of his hands and told him to get out of the store. He then reached in his sock and pulled another gun out and pointed it at me and that's when I fired two shots into his head, killing him instantly!

"Never in my life has anything so twisted happened to me before and I would like to forget it ever happened, but I had no other choice. Lucky for me, the stupid crackhead burglar had the worst aim in the world and missed me with all four shots from about 10 feet away! Needless to say, all charges have been dropped and the store owner has offered me a lifetime of chocolate milk! Ha Ha!

"I have been in some scary situations before, but having someone shoot out you from that close and miss is a fucking miracle and I have no remorse for killing the assailant who tried to take my life and the store owner's."


Ah yes, I heard about this yesterday.

Kudos to Mr. Fasciana for helping out someone in need, and doing the right thing. Also, ridding the world of a piece of human filth isnt bad either.

Does this mean the next Malevolent Creation album with be titled Divine Intervention? (for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPFRZDotAQc)

Ok, so I guess their next album will be called "Death Metal Is War" then and contain covers of underground scene bands to confirm their elite status. And of course the freshly popularized song "The Day Phil Killed A Crackhead"

On a more serious note: what a stupid attentionwhore.


"All witnesses, reportees, victims and suspects are entered into a database, but the most recent entry for Fasciana is on April 1, involving him and a female in a domestic dispute."

This dude sounds like plain ol' "wat" trash!