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Reaper Metal Records

Reaper Metal Records
August 05, 2009, 09:07:25 PM
Reaper Metal Records

New Arrivals August 6/09

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Afflictis Lentae- Saint office (LP)
Angel Dust- Of Human Bondage (CD)
At The Gates/Grotesque- Gardens Of Grief (CD)
Belfegor- The Work of Destruction (CD)
Blind Guardian- Battalion Of Fear  (Re- issue) (CD)
Blind Guardian- The Forgotten Tales  (Re- issue) (CD)
Blizzard- Pure Filth+Mayhem+Bonus (CD)
Bombarder- Speed Kill (CD)
Butcher Abc- Butchered Feast of Being (MCD)
Conspirator- Exorcism (CD)
Crematory- Denial (CD)
Dangerous Force / Solitude- Skullcrushing Savagery / Thrash Fire (7")
Danzig- I Luciferi (CD)
Deathrow- Raging Steel (CD)
Deceased- Worship the Coffin (Double CD w/ Patch)
Dismantle- Satanic Force (CD w/ Patch)
Dominium- Unknown Dimensions (Digipack CD)
Doom Syndicate- Beyond Salvation (CD)
Elysium- Godfather (CD)
Explosicum- Conflict (CD)
Foul Stench- The Beginning  (1993~1996) (CD)
Gehenna- Black Seared Heart (CD)
General Surgery / Butcher AbcSplit (CD)
Goreaphobia- Vile Best Of Abomination (CD)
Grave- Back From The Grave  (2CD w/ demos) (Double CD)
Gravewurm / Hekseri- Split (CD)
Hatred / Antacid- Metal Chaos Across the World (CD)
Hellias- Closed In Fate Coffin (CD)
Hellias- Revenge of Hellias (CD)
Holy Death / Chains of FireSplit (CD)
Holy Death- Apocalyptic War (CD)
Holy Death- Forever Burning Ashes (CD)
Holy Death- Sodomy of Megido (CD)
Magnus- Alcoholic Suicide (CD)
Maniac- Fast and deadly    (CD)
Merciless Death- Eternal Condemnation (CD)
Metalucifier- Heavy Metal Bulldozer (German version) (CD)
Mortuary Drape- Into The Catachthonium (CD)
Motorhead- Bastards (CD)
Necrodamus- No Rest for the Wizard (CD)
Necrovore- Unreleased Evil (CD)
Nocturnal Breed- Fields of Rot (CD)
Nunslaughter / Dr. Shrinker- Split (7" Pic Disc)
Nunslaughter / Mutilated Messiah- Maggots (7" Pic Disc)
Nunslaughter- Damned In Japan (DVD/CD)
Nunslaughter- Fuck The God In Heaven (CD)
Nunslaughter- Goat (CD w/ Bonus Track)
Nunslaughter- Hell On Holland (7")
Nunslaughter- Hex (LP)
Nunslaughter- Hex (Pic Disc)
NunSlaughter– SathaSlaughter (CD)
Nunslaughter- Sins of Father  (Grehi Otza) (CD)
Ominous- Intercorpse (CD)
Paganizer- Basic Instructions for dying (CD)
Psychomancer- Butchered (CD)
Redrum-  Power Corrupts (CD)
Sathanas- Nightrealm Apocalypse (CD)
Sentenced- North From Here / Shadows Of The Past  (reissue) (Double CD)
Slayer- Def Jam Demo (Double 7")
Soulless- Forever Defiant (CD)
Superchrist- Headbanger (CD)
Taranis- The Obscurity (CD)
The Carnival- Kivulias    (CD)
Thy Rites- Inferno Coronation (CD)
Whorrid- Time Heals Nothing (CD)
Witchburner- Blood of Witches (Digi)
Witchburner- German Thrashing War (LP)
Witchburner- Incarnation of Evil / German Thrashing War (Digi)
Witchburner- Witchburner / Blasphemic Assault (Digi)
Witching Hour- Rise of the Desecrated (CD)