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New Beithíoch album and preview mp3


New Beithíoch album and preview mp3
August 09, 2009, 04:14:49 PM
"An Sealgaire" is a short-form work part of a two-album set. Its in the droney, ambient, instrumental metal format of pieces like "Battle Fury", "Tragic Hero" and "The Great Beast" from Díolaim and a shade nearer maybe to "Arm Na Déithe" than the other pieces on Aisling Dhorcha.

Overall sound will be a bit sleaker, sharper (by Beithíoch standards) and conceptually its more obscurantist and abstract than the first two albums (as I hope is hinted by the visual artwork you can now see on the myspace page and on Hiarctow.com). In my opinion, its the most quintessentially Beithíoch work of all so far, nearer the ethos laid out from the beginning than anything preceding or following it.

mp3 on the myspace too, the track "ceo dearg".

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