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November 22, 2012, 11:04:31 PM

Re: Soreption
November 24, 2012, 06:46:59 AM
Judging by the first song only:

Interesting intro, could be any band; then the music kicks in.  Absolutely the worst production I've ever heard on a Metal album (though I don't listen to much from beyond 1999 these days).  Plastic, inorganic, boring.  "Click" bass drums have no place in music, at all - the whole kit sounds like tin cans, though the cymbals are occasionally nice.  Guitars and bass are straight out of the Decapitated school (i.e. no discernible bass, guitars sound suitably flat).

Some of the riffs are seriously great, others are ripped from the "technical death metal" catalogue (and suck, appropriately).  Too much "stop-start" riffing, and not enough development of the riffs.  Vocals are great, no complaints in that department at all (placement and tone are fantastic during those "verse" moments).

The bridge.  Ok, so we have a 6/8 section which is actually fucking awesome, and then OH DEAR GOD WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE?  Why do you have to end a good piece of music abruptly, undeveloped, by moving it into a SLAM SECTION!?  This is the output of children (or 'coreheads).

It could have been great, if it weren't for the repeated decision to cut a good bit of music short by moving it straight into something totally awful.  "Slam" can fuck itself; any band which degrades into incorporating that kind of shit is not really worth my time.  That said, I'll give the rest of the album a good listen at some point, and see if it has any redeeming factors.