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Heavy metal gets replies 42% of time on dating sites


Very interesting: it's one of many terms, but oddly highly placed, that get people to write back to you after an initial message on a dating site. Now we have to ask the question: is this because of the people who end up at dating sites, or is inherent to metal itself?

As I'm sure we all know, metal is a very "social" type of subgenre, much like punk. It can be easy to tell who is or isn't a metalhead because of their mannerisms, clothing, conduct, etc. Though this is not always the case, as I've met people who listen to metal and look nothing like what one would expect.

Then again, dating sites always attract losers.

Like so many things, this is probably a mixed bag. They're people who live lives well adjusted - to having failed at the society game.

Maybe, not the men, but the women who go to those sites are women who listen to crappy metalcore and Slipknot, who become to masculine to get men, but can atract a man on the internet by saying she likes metal, to some poor loser who doesn't realize that he is getting with someone very materialistic. 

In any case, I don't know that these 42% like Burzum or Immolation or something.

The only true solution is for everyone on ANUS to get a profile and test it. Make sure you have a screen name that doesn't leave any question about your taste, such as "Crepitating Bowel Erosion" or "Fucking Of Sacred Assholes".

If we got twenty people to sign up, and then claim to hook up, using extreme metal as a common ground it would be very funny.

"She vomits on God's child, just like me!"

If we're really lucky, we'd make it to eHarmony ads.

You are only allowed to do things to your partner that appear in Autopsy lyrics.