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Grand Declaration of War discussion

Grand Declaration of War discussion
May 04, 2016, 03:53:23 AM
I found myself walking home on a street rather far away from home, with a record shop on it.
I walked in and didn't see anything interesting at first. The only metal was core and nu,
except for the used discs section, which had an album by Overkill and an album by Mayhem.

I didn't know Mayhem's discography, but I knew that they were considered one of the great black metal bands, and I'd listened to Darkthrone and Burzum so I knew that the genre had good music in it.

I grabbed the Mayhem album for around $2 - it was Grand Declaration of War, and my first time hearing the band.

It's not really black metal, but it is metal which expresses something that could very well be at home on a black metal album... on the first half. After the techno song it jumps the shark. On one track, it meanders around, dwells for too long without developing. And it's not the good kind of repetition in which it gets more potent the more it repeats. It also doesn't really create a good atmosphere. On another track, it sounds more like some Marilyn Manson rock than any kind of metal.

But the first half really wasn't bad. There's very good poly rhythm between all of the instruments, on "A Grand Declaration of War". It's basically one theme over and over with lots of ornamentation, but it's a good intro to a good track with good riffs, poly rhythms, polyphony, and progression, which create a nihilistic atmosphere of rational hatred.
 Every one shits on this album though, and I agree that the second half is rubbish, but 50% is still like, four good tracks.

So why is it so shit? I assume that you now think of me as a musical idiot, but do motivate that stance.

Re: Grand Declaration of War discussion
May 04, 2016, 03:54:47 AM
Oh, the drumming is good, but the timbre is ass. The drums must be triggered.
Also, if any one wants to borrow the FLAC files, I can loan them to you so you can hear it in loss less.