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Heavy Metal videogame "Brütal Legend" to be released Oct. 13th

Tim Schafer, the game's creative director, was inspired to create the game by his own past musical experiences. The game will feature the character of Eddie Riggs, voiced by Jack Black, a roadie who was transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal album covers. Eddie becomes the world's savior, leading the down-trodden humans against a range of supernatural overlords using a battle axe, his Flying V guitar infused with magical powers, and a customizable hot rod. In addition to Black, the game will feature voices of heavy metal musicians including Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford and other celebrities such as Tim Curry, as well as more than one hundred metal songs selected by Schafer for inclusion in the game.

The game also groups black metal with goths creating a race of blackened emos **vomits**

**wipes mouth and continues** I only just stumbled into this. Looks like Sam Dunn made a videogame or something. It seems to me that it had a lot of potential but was grotesquely dumbed down for the x-box crowd. Their official website has an interesting "making of" video. I like how they made the game world "metal" but I dislike how dumb everything else seems so far. Prepare to rock dudes... **sighs**

This will probably be as good as Revolution X!!!!

My roommate has a demo of this game, so I've seen its beginning. Let's just say that the line "metal is dead, man" gets thrown in early on...

It's basically the VH1 take on metal in game form.

This game is all that is fail. It makes me sick just thinking about this garbage.

What did you expect? You can't make a piece of art from the starting point of "I want to make a painting/book/song/game about X". You have to have something of importance to express first and this game has absolutely nothing to express. Otherwise it's just a 'metal world' for escapists to run around aimlessly in oblivion.

Can't believe I just downloaded that. Worst fucking thing I've installed on my computer.

I think if they let any of us choose the setlist for this game it would be a bit better. Even though NOTHING will get past how stupid and annoying Jack Black is.