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Koko the gorilla smarter than half of humanity

Koko the gorilla smarter than half of humanity
October 10, 2009, 07:53:38 PM
Koko has a working vocabulary of over 1000 signs. Koko understands approximately 2,000 words of spoken English. Koko initiates the majority of conversations with her human companions and typically constructs statements averaging three to six words. Koko has a tested IQ of between 70 and 95 on a human scale, where 100 is considered "normal." Michael, the male silverback gorilla who grew up with Koko, had a working vocabulary of over 600 signs.


One arresting fact emerges: the average national IQ of the world is only 90. Fewer than one in five countries have IQs equal or near the British average of 100. Almost half have IQs of 90 or less.


Make room for animals. Remove liberals and humanists.

Now imagine this:

(a fanciful idea that occurred to me)

- We build a shelter for gorillas, taking in 30 or so of the healthiest, strongest, smartest we can find.
- We breed them and select only the healthiest, strongest, smartest to remain. It takes about 12 years for a gorilla to reach mating age, so this will be a long process over their generations.
- Each generation is taught tool use and sign language to develop intelligence and to determine who the smartest are.

How many generations do you think it will take before we have a group of gorillas whose intelligence surpasses that of the average human, who are healthy because ones with diseases are removed, and who are obviously stronger, because they are gorillas?

They are likely already of higher strength of character than a modern human (third tripartite quality).

How embarrassing would this be to people in general? In under a century we could have apes who make for better human beings than human beings do.

AnHero, it would not happen. We'd eventually force them onto reserves, introduce them to alcohol, have them sniffing gasoline and have them work menial jobs for the rest of their lives. Or: Call them Nazis/fascists, bomb them, and integrate them into our multicultural society.

And eventually make it into a documentary/movie.

Oh wait --

If they did that for humans, it would be called eugenics or evil or hatred or something.