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Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist

Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 24, 2012, 09:12:02 AM
I just saw Dead can Dance last night. I was extremely dissapoined with there set-list. I believe they played 1 song from there first 5 records. Those of you attending any of there upcoming concerts, please keep this in mind. Although they were fantastic live, and they are talented musicians, I was absolutely dumbstruck by their setlist. Has anyone else seen them live yet?

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 24, 2012, 09:03:51 PM
Brandon has been vocal about only wanting to tour on new content and not becoming an elderly "greatest hits" tour gig.

I agree though, I prefer the older stuff.

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 25, 2012, 08:20:00 AM
^^^That's silly. Why disappoint long time fans by denying playing older material? I understand his concern but really, when a band that old comes back it feels like a kind of a slap in the face for older fans to not play the early songs. (I'm no old fan of theirs, just saying)

The early stuff is wayyyy better.

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 25, 2012, 10:57:46 AM
Beherit didn't exactly emulate its earlier works on Engram; NHV rather compiled them and infused the output with an entirely new sort of energy. The new DCD album is, in a way, similar. Sure, the old albums are classics, but touring isn't about the quality of output as much as conveying a feeling of wonder. It stands to reason that Perry would rather play his new stuff, regardless of its quality, rather than perform as a has-been and play all of the stuff everyone knows and can clap to.
A has-been burnout isn't exactly the best source of honest wonder, and given that Anastasis is more Spleen and Idealish than Spiritchaserish in its structure, DCD eschewing their older works to play something "dead that dances" sounds pretty good overall.
(Then again, the Beherit comparison was pretty arbitrary. I'd rather think of the new DCD material as a sort of CF's Monotheist. Much better than their "recent" output, and, all in all, you prefer its "industrial nu-metal goth" honesty to the retro-reconstruction of Triptykon).

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 25, 2012, 11:32:11 AM
I have no problem with a band playing songs from there most recent work. DCD played nearly the entire new record, which I do not mind at all. However, why do DCD fans have to listen to two cover songs? Why choose C grade songs from Spiritchaser,  Towards the Within, Lisa's side project and the Gladiator soundtrack? As far as I am concerned, this was a poor setlist. DCD could have converyed a sense of wonder by focusing on quality, and in so doing they could have balanced newer output with their older material. In this way they could have respected their past and shown fans how they have built on it.....

But as you said, touring isnt about quality of output...... :-\

Maybe there older stuff is not inclusive enough.......hahaha

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 25, 2012, 12:16:53 PM
Well then, you should've been more specific from the beginning. This setlist actually does sound like honest suckage, although the "I'm a middle aged crooner and don't want to rehash my old fame" thing still stands, if you want to sympathize with the guy.
Playing mostly new DCD songs and a couple of Spiritchaser crowd-pleasers would make sense in that context, but selling their crappy solo stuff (which, well, is crappy and devoid of any serious worth, vide Gerrard mit Schulze) is another thing. Still, I tend to think of Toward the Within as a live rendition of their "creativity". Not the best, but honest, kind of like early Burzum demos.
From my experience, a live show is something completely different to living through what someone once recorded. If they weren't capable of delivering a memorable and meaningful show, then that was their problem.

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 26, 2012, 07:04:46 AM
I was disappointed with the setlist as well. I was hoping that like most bands they would play 3-4 new songs at most, but they played the entire thing to the near exclusion of early DCD classics. From what I can tell, the setlist varies slightly from one venue to the next, but it's basically this:

-All 8 songs from Anastasis
-4 cover songs
-Gladiator track
-2 off Lisa's solo albums
-1 off Serpent's Egg
-1 off Spiritchaser
-1 off Into the Labyrinth

You could say they shat on the older fans and it was disappointing in that respect, but they're talented musicians either way, so it was still a pleasure to see them live.

Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
August 26, 2012, 07:18:58 PM
I don't contest them for playing their new album. I thought it was excellent. (Though maybe that's because I'm older and closer to death.). But choosing cover songs, soundtrack, and solo songs over songs from DCD's excellent output is questionable. Something about their decision makes me want to point out the fact that you can see Lisa Gerrard totally nude in this trailer for "El niņo de la luna".


Re: Dead Can Dance - 2012 Setlist
September 07, 2012, 08:53:49 AM