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Metal: A Headbanger's Journey documentary film

Nikolai Fokov's seen it; sez it's good.


I saw it a couple od days ago. Pretty good and entertaining documentary, focusing on great styles and founders of metal, which I can't complain about. The part about Norwegian BMers, however, would propably shock some of us, because the filmmaker concentrate on some degenerate like drunk Mayhem's necrobutcher saying shit or Gorgoroth's Ghaal talking about Satan being the point of his music. Varg Vikernes is shown 3 seconds, only mentionning he's a murderer and arsonist instead of saying he was the greatest norwegian BMer of all. But overall a good documentary, even if we can learn more about metal by reading ANUS's metal section.


The lack of academic rigor doesn't hurt the film, though, and prevents it from being dry. The bulk of the film is Dunn's interviews with musicians, who seem to let their guard down at the fact their interviewer is a fellow metalhead. The film explodes the stereotype of the knuckle-dragging longhair; Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi is elegantly soft-spoken, while Cannibal Corpse's Alex Webster is articulate and musically literate. Slipknot might seem like a bunch of loonies in masks, but when they talk about their dead-end childhoods in Iowa, one better understands their mass youth appeal. Twisted Sister's Dee Snider is the greatest surprise here. He turns out to be not only articulate but also sharply cognizant of metal's cultural issues, such as censorship and homosexuality. The discussions of gender, sexuality, and religion are the film's highlights. Pamela Des Barres, renowned groupie and author of I'm with the Band, makes the case that female groupies are not exploited; rather, their actions are their choice. Black metallers Mayhem and Gorgoroth hold nothing back, the former reveling in church burning and the latter chillingly vowing to fight "Christianity and its Semitic roots." Even though this is a film defending metal, the black metal section is the only time that Dunn distances himself from his subjects.


i can't find anywhere in Glasgow, Scotland that's gonna be showin it when it's released ont he 28th. anyone know anywhere?

it's alright, it seems that the site for the film said the release date was the 28th in glasgow n varous other british cities, but the GFT website says they r showin it on the 26th. though this is the only showing, i can't see any other days

The result of his and co-director Scot McFadyen's 5-1/2-year quest to explore what they call "the culture of heavy metal" is "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey," a documentary that takes an anthropological look at the genre by exploring its links with violence, sexuality and religion.

"There were always more fights at frat parties than metal shows when I was growing up," Dunn said. "Metal is about a release. It's a catharsis, it's an emotional form of music, so that is something that is just often overlooked."

For the most part, the musicians and fans interviewed in the film deny that the genre advocates Satanism or violence, saying those themes are part of an act.


( Crowdism? Hmm -- many aspects seem that way. Luckily, they're taking it seriously as art. )

I got put off when I saw in the ad they talked about slipknot...but I'll probably see it.

It's time for a legitimate document on extreme metal to be unleashed because i'm startin' to get annoyed by the "oh its a good documentary...the black metal part, yeah, just igore the numetal/slipknot/pretend metal head interview parts" comments.

Maybe the a.n.u.s. crew will release one? I bet it'll stir up quite a response.

Just saw this movie, it's gay how they show a list of Norwegian Black Metal bands, and they put Cradle of Filth on there, but not Burzum.  I can probably upload it later tonight.

COF is not listed as a Norwegian band, and Burzum is indeed on there.

CoF IS listed in the BM bands, Burzum, is NOT.
Even Demon Burger is there.

Rather retarded if you ask me. And very badly informed.

Just in case you haven't seee it yet

Someone should start selling "Kill Sam Dunn" t-shirts.

Someone should start selling "Kill Sam Dunn" t-shirts.