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Discordance Axis/Gridlink vocalist addresses idiot fanbase.

Jon Chang saying what needs to be said. From Gridlink's myspace blog:

$14 for 11 minutes of music?!
One of the things I've consistently heard about the GridLink LP is that it's $13 for 11 minutes of music and it should cost what a 7" ep costs. I am not even going to get into how white trash Walmart made in China that sounds to me...oh wait. I am going to get into it.

This is quite simple. We spent a lot of time and money to get the music/artwork/packaging just the way we wanted it. It was a labor of love, blood and intense devotion over the course of about 3 years with almost a dozen people(musicians, artists and technicians) contributing their time and efforts to the project. (Honestly HD is the same, but more on that another time).

The work stands as a complete body and we consider it a full length release. Most bands have filler songs on their records, but not us. Every song on that record is the result of intense scrutiny and editing. When we started there were almost 20 songs. We threw half in the garbage because we only wanted the best material on the record and refused to accept what we considered only a "decent song".

It also does not come in some shitty generic packaging that looks like every other metal/grind record you have ever seen. It is not loaded with label names and sponsor companies. It is not the over produced garbage that seems to be the norm these days recorded on pro-tools by someone who thinks you need a week to get your fucking sounds down.

If your standards for a good investment of $13 is 25+ minutes of music for your money, go somewhere else. Oh and fucking kill yourself too you pathetic fuck. Maybe you can buy some clothing with lead in it made by people who get less than a $1 a day in a place where the government is totally hostile to democratic process. In short, fuck you.

This is our art. Take or leave it.

Heh, I remember this.  Gridlink is great, as is HD.

There's an "article" by Jon Chang floating out there in which he talks about discovering grindcore, etc., but I can't seem to find it... anyone?

And also, he has an NDoS banner on his site: http://studio-grey.com/