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Trolling Community Seeks Notoriety

Trolling Community Seeks Notoriety
November 04, 2009, 11:29:13 PM
I've recently come into contact with a leader of a large trolling/"hacking" community that has much the same methodology as ANUS. Although they use trolling for humor alone (lulz), rather than causing cognitive dissonance and paradigm shifts (ANUS). There was also discussion of the troll's ideals -- to constantly outdo previous trolling efforts, act selflessly for the  betterment of the trolling community -- and roles within the trolling community.

On popularity:
00:51   r3x   it's a self-perpetuating cycle, once it reaches critical mass
00:51   r3x   if there is enough trolling and lulz going on, people will troll for the lulz because it becomes something to be a part of
00:52   mib_3ynufg   Yes, popularity manifests itself, but you're not at that point yet.
00:52   r3x   the question is how to go from our current state of stagnation to that critical mass, and then maintain equlibrium once critical mass has been reached
00:52   r3x   so we don't suffer the problem of eternal september, the community becoming too large

On elitism:
00:53   r3x   last week we looked at the law of three and the situation of Anonymous Trolling for the Lulz
00:53   r3x   and now we see how that situation inevitably leads to cancer if precautions aren't taken to mitigate the cancer
00:54   r3x   or only troll in such a way as to prevent cancer before it starts
00:54   r3x   this week is the Law of Octaves
00:54   mib_3ynufg   Elitism prevents cancer. And I have no idea what you're talking about, so this is good.
00:55   mib_3ynufg   Elitism also prevents popularity
00:55   r3x   elitism is cancer to Anon
00:55   r3x   elitism ultimately means namefags and reputation
00:56   r3x   the question is how to be discerning while not being pretentious
00:56   mib_3ynufg   That's false elitism
00:56   r3x   trolling by lowering ourselves in the process
00:56   r3x   http://www.endlesssearch.co.uk/philo_enneagram1.htm
00:57   r3x   this is what I mean specifically when I'm talking about the Law of Octaves

On policing and virtuosity (aka ubermensch here):
00:57   r3x   two sharp keys are missing
00:57   r3x   those are the places where shocks are needed in order to keep a process moving in the same direction
00:57   r3x   otherwise it begins to curve off
00:57   r3x   and inevitably turns back on itself
00:58   r3x   so that shocks are necessary between mi - fa and si - do in order to keep the process going
00:58   r3x   or that shocks must be prevented in order to end the process
01:00   r3x   cancer is a process that failed to terminate at the appropriate time
01:00   r3x   it's a process that failed to receive a shock to keep it moving along a straight line
01:00   r3x   so that it turns back on itself
01:00   r3x   and the continuance of this process may in fact lead to the termination of another process of a higher order
. . .
01:01   r3x   Anonymous Trolling for the Lulz is situational, the law of three, three forces in every situation, like a snapshot
01:01   r3x   the Law of Octaves is a string or thread of situations
01:02   r3x   and if this string or process fails to receive shocks at the appropriate time, it inevitably curves and repeats itself
01:02   r3x   think if it like a pendulum
01:03   mib_3ynufg   Okay, in a more applicable sense, this means what?
01:03   r3x   a pendulum swings back and forth ultimately devolving and giving off energy until it stops
01:03   mib_3ynufg   Ban faggots who are directionless?
01:04   r3x   the idea is to apply bannings or trollings elegantly, with timing and precision so as to effect large, positive changes with little effort
01:04   r3x   have you ever heard of Aikido?
[r3x shows video clip of Aikido master]
01:06   r3x   see how little effort the aikido master uses in order to subdue and frustrate his opponent
01:06   r3x   it's because every move is precise and timed impeccably, wasting no motion or energy

On criticism and hivemind:
01:08   r3x   one aspect i've been thinking about lately is the OP - hivemind relationship
01:09   r3x   how the OP of a thread gives an idea to the hivemind, and the hivemind in turn takes the idea and runs with it, or else rejects the idea
01:09   r3x   but in either case, communication is a vital part of this process
01:10   r3x   feedback needs to happen in order to tell OP's, yeah, this is a good idea, or no, you're a faggot and you should die
01:10   r3x   keeping in mind this malicious behavior is all satire and tongue in cheek
01:11   r3x   satire is perhaps the most effective means of trolling available

The group that organized this is the same that I've outlined above. This group utilizes the hivemind of 4chan to accomplish some very basic tasks that require large amounts of people (DDoSing). The concept of hivemind (masses volunteer themselves to accomplish a goal) is very much related to nationalism (a ethic/cultural group with a unanimously accepted goal). My point: utilizing the hivemind to promote dissidence, critical thinking, and virtue. The first step is through education. This is done by appealing (i.e. offering malicious macros and programs) to a target audience (i.e. people interested in trolling/hacking) and through curiosity, individuals decide to become more involved (much the same way ANUS works with metal reviews), thus read further content within the website. So, the objective is to focus upon one group within the hivemind and depend upon the influence from the website to be self-perpetuated.

My point: a group with similar methodology is able to create a lot of media attention and hivemind can be utilized. I just thought it was nice that someone unaffiliated is able to define aspects of a healthy community.

Pardon me if what I have written seems senseless, I am sleep deprived.

Re: Trolling Community Seeks Notoriety
November 05, 2009, 01:31:26 AM
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