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Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook

Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook
November 09, 2009, 11:06:57 AM
Raise your infernal fork for madman Chris Reifert’s Mummified Jalapeño Bacon Bombs, then sample Roast Beef with Green Beans prepared under the watchful eye of Udo Dirkschneider of Accept. Try After the Bombs’ Speed Metal Vegan Tofu, or Eyehategod’s favorite New Orleans Blood Red Beans and Rice.

Afterwards, Doro Pesch of Warlock serves her Black Forest Cake, and Richard Christy from Death pours his trademark cocktail, the mighty Viking Testicle. Now for anyone with a taste for metal:  The kitchen gates are open—grab your weapons of mass nutrition and let the feasts begin!


I wasn't thoroughly stunned until I checked the list of bands.

AMEBIX, BLASPHEMY, XIBALBA contributed recipes? Do you think they are healthy?

Abigail, Abscess, Accept, After the Bombs, Alcoholic Rites, Amebix, Anthrax, Anvil, Armored Saint, Arphaxat, Atomizer, Autopsy, Bastardator, Bëehler, Blackfire, Blasphemy, Brutal Truth, Budgie, Bulldozer, Cauldron, Children of Technology, Control Denied, Countess, Cruachan, Dantesco, Deadmask, Death, Death SS, Deiphago, Denial of God, Desolation Angels, Destruction, Devastation, Dissection, Doro, Dusk, Electric Wizard, Elixir, Envenom, Exciter, Eyehategod, Faustcoven, Funerot, Goat Horn, Gorgoroth, Grimorium Verum, Gwar, Hidden Hand, Holocausto, Impaler, Inepsy, Judas Priest, Killers, Kreator, Lamp of Thoth, L’Impero Delle Ombre, Lord Vicar, Mantak, Master, Master’s Hammer, Mayhem, Melechesh, Messiah, Midnight, Minotaur, Mortal Sin, Mütiilation, Necromantia, Necrosadist, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Obscurity, Orodruin, Pagan Altar, Pentagram, Piledriver, Possessed, Procession, Repulsion, Reverend Bizarre, Rigor Mortis, Rotting Christ, Sadistik Exekution, Saint Vitus, Sepultura, Shackles, Sigh, Sir Lord Baltimore, Skyforger, Slaughter, S.O.D., Spirit Caravan, Stiny Plamenu, Tankard, Thanatos, The Gates of Slumber, The Obsessed, The Rods, Lord Weird Slough Feg, Thin Lizzy, Toxic Holocaust, Trench Hell, Trouble, Tygers of Pan Tang, U.D.O.. Uriah Heep, Warlock, Warpig, Weapon, Wino, Witchfynde, Witchtrap, Xibalba, and Zemial.

Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook ($19, Amazon.com)

Re: Cooking metal?
November 13, 2009, 01:48:14 AM
Xibalba? They probably just googled for metal bands from "exotic" countries to get some "exotic" recipes.

If Mayhem haven't given a recipe for human brain stew then I think it's very much a missed opportunity.

Re: Cooking metal?
November 13, 2009, 01:15:34 PM
I'm surprised there aren't more Hessians who cook for themselves and shun fast/frozen food.  As someone who cooks on a professional level, I'm very interested to see what some of these bands contribute to the book.  This could be a great introduction for metal fans to start feeding themselves with healthy, home cooked meals rather than disposable processed "food-stuffs" the average modern consumes in quantities that stagger the brain.

I'll be purchasing the book and will post my thoughts after I have read it and tried some of the recipes for myself.

Having said that, I really hope the Mütiilation recipe is for the most black, satanic, elite soufle ever.

Indeed more hessians should cook better for themselves. I have been cooking for myself for 13 years using the best I could afford at the time and eating meals that give strength while having taste.

Indeed more hessians should cook better for themselves. I have been cooking for myself for 13 years using the best I could afford at the time and eating meals that give strength while having taste.

I love to cook for myself when I get a chance.  Very gratifying.  You save money, it tastes better, it's healthier.  A great habit and a favorite hobby of mine.  I love trying new food.

Most people are terrible cooks. Whenever I hear people talk about diet foods, they complain they are bland and all I'm think is, "Add spices to the damn chicken!"

One book I really suggest if you want to fancy Italian cuisine  and want to find the true essence and not the americanized shit that kills you:

Culinaria Italy


They also have Culinaria Germany for those who are more heartier side.