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Orders by PM or E-mail (orion_metalhead[at]hotmail[dot]com)

38 Pro-printed pages of underground metal!

Demo Reviews:
- War Master - Chapel of the Apocalypse
- Funerary Pit - Winds of Hell EP
- Cuntopsy - Indonesian Brutality Promo
- Koltum - The Story Of Death
- Interment / Paganfire - The Oath Of Termination Split
- Borox - Indonesian Brutality Promo
- Cum Sock - Cum Sock Promo
- Fadihat - Indonesian Brutality Promo
- Decaying Citadel - Where The Ancient Bones Are Laid To Rest
- Wendess - Wendess EP
- Omega - The Beginning of the End
- Fornication - Stab
- Hymengaard - Unsilent Storms In The South Abyss
- Desolate One - Desolate One
- Burial Ritual - Tower of Silence
- The Doom - The Doom
- Spewtilator - Thrash N Splash

- Sapremia
- Nyctophobia
- War Master
- Wendess
- Midnight Priest

- Apolion Discography Review
- Benighted In Sodom - In Hora Maledictus Review
- Blackspell (Intertorial)
- Some Past reviews


Quote from: orionmetalhead
Ok so, I just got raped in the ass by the postal service. I'm altering the cost to be more fair for everyone involved. For all who ordered and paid for copies so far, you assholes made out like bandits.

Basically this is how it will go:

Each copy will cost $3.00 - basically the cost for me to make the zine. Shipping will then cost whatever it costs me to ship it. Roughly somewhere between 2-6 dollars.

Payment by: Paypal, Concealed Cash, Check, Money Order, Rolls of pennies... whatever you want.


Each copy will cost $2.00 - minimum of three copies.
Shipping will be added.

Order now and I will include a free copy of Midnight Priest's first demo, Omega's Beginning of the End demo or Flagelador's demo. The first person to order gets an additional free War Master (IUSA - TX) sticker!

Also, I am accepting demo submissions for issue 2.

Lost me at "Cuntopsy".

Heh. Fair enough, but its only a tiny review. Oddly enough, the Cuntopsy was sent to me along with the Fleshvomit and Katarak demos which, in all honesty, weren't THAT bad. Fleshvomit reminded me of Iniquity at times. I gotta review the good and the bad, ya know?

bump. Edited for pricing alterations.

Up. Check out my radio show wednesday nights 9-12 at wpradio887.org

Fucking bump mother fuckers