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Torture Pulse

Torture Pulse
November 17, 2009, 05:27:06 AM
TORTURE PULSE "Plague Poetry" CD (BREW025)
Shipwrecked on "Graveyard Island" and awakened are the horrors of the TORTURE PULSE... Summoned forth from an ancient past when Death Metal was still dead, smelled rotten and above all had morbid melodies and was still Metal to begin with and feeding on an equal dose of (old) VITAL REMAINS and NIHILIST (known to late born ones as ENTOMBED...) this Finnish machinery of evil Death Metal is grinding into gear on it's unstoppable path to certain doom. The "Hearse Awaits" you... But will there be enough of you left to even fill a shoe box...? Released in December 2009 CE.

"Graveyard Island" MP3
"Hearse Awaits" MP3
Cover Preview

The CD is in the factory right now and should be shipping in the 2nd week of December.


I am interested in this because of the connections to Mythos, the more workmanlike little brother of Belial and Impaled Nazarene. Sounds a bit retro, but there is an essence of morbid groove.