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November 17, 2009, 10:30:39 AM
I. Dedication

To my mind, the world is mostly moron: misguided people following stupid utilitarian rules, stupid people demanding even more base lowest common denominator compromises, politicians and religious and corporations who control for the sake of power with no concern for its consequences. Wherever you look, idiots rule or idiocy rules.

I would like this place to be the antithesis of that. I would like this to be a place where intelligent and thoughtful people can come together to discuss metal, reality, its implications, etc. I would like it to be a haven for those people and a place where they can go to leave the madness of the current world.

Some of you have been bringing this madness of the current world into the forum, and I would like you to stop. Rules are easily avoided in letter but not spirit, so there are no rules, but we're building a kind of common sense. If you're posting something trivial or blog-ish or spam-ish, reconsider. If you're one of the real threats to this board, the moronic false elitists who bolster their sagging self-confidence by putting down others and thus making themselves happy, go to church! Your false elitism is the flip side of pity and really, I'd rather have you be a Christian so you might at least do some good instead of sitting on your internet throne and congratulating yourselves for being so intelligent.

Intelligence is raw material. Sanity is what gets what we call "intelligence" in terms of a person's behavior. We want sanity here. The madness of the world, including its false elitism, can go elsewhere and must, or this place will suffocate. I want a haven for smart people and kind people and brave people who like metal. There will not be many of us, but if I wanted to run a large metal board, this place would be conducted entirely differently. Stop the low quality comments -- snarky, frivolous, egomanical, negative -- and focus on saying something that you'd like to have other intelligent people know. Only by doing that do we transcend the idiocy of our time, because transcendence is action, not just a feeling or thought-object. This is war and we're all warriors. How you act, not what you claim, is what determines which side you are on.

Thank you for reading.

II. About

The Dark Legions Archive was founded on the radical principle that metal music is art, art can be understood as a communication between artist and listener, and that we can perceive what the artist is trying to say if we discipline our minds.

In doing so, the DLA stands contrary to what benefits industry and the greater majority of individuals who are underconfident, which is classifying metal as entertainment, "just music," a way to let off steam and so on. Instead, we choose to acknowledge it as a post-technological continuation of European Romantic thought, which shares with heavy metal its embrace of the "heavy" through aesthetics of adventure, isolation, melancholy and emptiness.

Our goal is to preserve all metal bands and artifacts that uphold this "old school" spirit and music, and to treat this art as the foundations of a sub-culture within the large and decaying culture of our modern world.

We refuse to dumb down our writing, or couch our views in "this is just my opinion" and other soft-pedaling. Such behavior is dishonest in that it assumes the reader is stupid and needs to be talked down to. Unfortunately, readers have become convinced that if people don't treat them like idiots, they are being disrespected. That, like insisting on not taking art seriously, just makes them better consumers: they'll buy anything because they're trained to deny quality.

Most writing is a product. It is designed to give you a certain experience, usually that "a-ha" feeling of having found something undiscovered or important. It is written for the consumer to feel good about what they buy, and industry to have quotations for their propaganda. Unfortunately, this is backward thinking, in that instead of spreading information about the good, it hypes every release it can into being worth purchasing. The result is a confused, and thus indiscriminate, audience who in turn can then not recognize quality and so do not reward it, which drives smart fans, artists, writers, graphic designers and publishers out of the genre.

III. Conduct

The problem with rules is that once you state a rule, people can avoid violating the rule but still engage in the behavior it attempts to remove.

As a result, instead we're going to make recommendations, and not hide the fact that all administration is semi-arbitrary based on the "feel" a moderator gets about a poster.

* When posting in audiofile, see The Audiofile FAQ.
* If your comment is informative, coherent, roughly grammatically correct and organized in thought, people will enjoy reading it.
* If you are referring to a document or source material, cite it when available.
* It is better to attack ideas than people.
* Civility means that your persona will not eclipse your point.
* All postings should be designed to communicate information.
* If someone is intelligent and disagrees, debate. If not, ignore by stating a contrary view that does not directly reference them.

We are also going to note failed behaviors from the past:

* Posting a one-liner of little informational value, especially ones that state but do not explain personal opinions. Example: "I never liked this band, hey does anyone like Pink Frothy AIDS?"
* Attempting to reply to multiple posts with your URL or image.
* False elitism, posturing, posing, and other personal drama that has no informational value.
* Starting your post with an attack on the board as a whole, as if we were The Borg.

Certain words are automatically censored by our software:

* Racial slurs
* Band names of truly horrible acts
* Moronic obscenities

IV. Volunteer

We need to help people achieve our mission. All of you have a few extra hours a week or more that you could apply toward a goal if you were organized. If you believe in what we do, and yet do not act on it, you probably should ask yourself if you're serious about being alive. Again, here we pull no punches: people who claim to have "ideologies" yet do nothing to support them are poseurs or false elitists.

V. Useful reminders

* Complete listing of forum BBCode tags
* Death Metal Underground
* The Dark Legions Archive (older version of DEATH METAL UNDERGROUND)
* The Metal FAQ