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Difference between Progressive Death Metal and Technical Death Metal

From last.fm:

In my experience:

"Progressive" is a label from the 1970s. It means primarily bands that experiment with song structure and do so in a coherent way, both harmonically and melodically. Best examples are Yes, Camel, King Crimson and Jethro Tull (in which Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath played briefly).

"Technical" means difficult to play rhythmically.

For this reason, I'd qualify the following as progressive:

* Atheist
* Demilich
* Morbid Angel
* Incantation
* Obliveon
* Gorguts

And the following as technical:

* Opeth
* Meshuggah

This is a definition coming from a 70s progressive rock fan who also has been way into death metal for years. Also worth noting is that many prog death bands made their music simpler on the later albums. Hope this message helps stimulate conversation.

I think this is a valid distinction.

Some music is hard to play; other music is also harder to write.

I think that technique is largely misunderstood.  My theory is that every technique used in music is there to help bring about some kind of end.  It pushes the music forward (like a well placed sweeping pattern in a solo) or concludes a phrase (a Plagle Cadence is a good example).  Some have told me that the music that bands like Necrophagist Opeth and Messugga make that features flashy sweepy techniques or heavily syncopated rhythms is at least a good example for learning a certain technique.  I think this is untrue.  While they may incorporate the idea of the technique, they fail to understand how the technique can be used to progress their song into its next phase or cycle.  Because of this lack of understanding, their music meanders, cycles and ends.

Many people I meet claim they like Meshuggah for the "insane" technicality. Not only does the technicality serve no purpose in song construction, I'm pretty sure those people still just like 'em for their "INTENSE RHYTMIK BR00TALITY" which really is just a slightly more percussive version of Mudvayne.

Pink Frothy AIDS and Meshuggah should rank pretty high in "Metal's most boring achievments".

This being said, technicality is thoroughly useless in this situation. People like them actually for their aesthetic only, and are not critical enough to look at their compositional skills. Technicality does not equate awesomeness.

Then, we have Obliveon. The difference in composition is pretty clear.