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Why our society will fail and Taken for granted

Why our society will fail and Taken for granted
November 23, 2009, 02:03:14 AM
Upon reading this article,  a few ideas sprung to mind.  Popular consensus leading a population made up mostly of morons leads to only one end: a society where our best resource (people with an IQ of over 120) feel alienated among a politically-correct, lowest-common-denominator environment.

Does anyone feel this isn’t true, with all the shallow crap on TV, on the news, without any real discussion by our own presidential candidates of the really important issues of the day and the really important effects of man-made causes?

Why our society will fail

Foreign dependency cycle relationships or Inevitible Globalism, Third World overpopulation and ecocide, and First World liberty without any obligations are all within our ability to control. But all of the foregoing originate in needless individual wants that multiplied and aligned into mass effect. We never needed any of it for group survival or rewarding individual lives.

We live in a schizoid time because what people think they want is more "real," in our interactions with others, than reality. Our current dysfunction originates in this attitude, which comes about when a large numerous group overwhelms those of higher intelligence and, thanks to the head start and infrastructure set up by those of greater ability, is able to rule itself for some time before decay catches up. We can call it crowdism, or selfishness, or even mass revolt, but at its core the crowd is composed of individuals sharing this same delusion: that what we want to be true is more true than what is true. Does humanity's error come down to a simple lack of maturity, like a six-year-old confronted with a choice of dinner between broccoli and ice cream?

Taken for granted