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Why people hate this forum

Re: Why people hate this forum
December 18, 2009, 01:58:44 PM
I think your post was way too broad, define stupid? It might seem easy at first but elusive as soon as you get into details.

I think alot of people hate elitism, and being told what to do by a group of people (even though multicorporations promote this to the very core).

Re: Why people hate this forum
December 19, 2009, 09:01:58 AM
It's this idea of "metal orthodoxy" that many people find too lulzy to take seriously. Hessianism as social identity is an interesting idea but only one that the crowd will take seriously once most other social institutions have collapsed in on themselves and kids don't see anywhere else to go (see past examples: punk, skinheads, etc). I mean, right now the extent to which organized Hessianism has gone is comparable to a fairly widely networked book club, not a legitimate subculture.

Re: Why people hate this forum
December 23, 2009, 09:06:37 AM
Hessianism will only be a culture once people get over the idea that finding the best ten bands, declaring that a culture, and ignoring the rest is not legitimate.

We can't include everyone.

We also can't be a culture that people participate in from 15-28 and then abandon. But as long as we're part of pop culture, youth culture, etc. that's going to be the case.

People hate this forum for:

(a) Legitimate reasons: false elitism, perceived insularity, the tendency of people here to be somewhat vindictive in correcting others, and also to be throw up complex objections to any simple assertion (I tired of this shit myself)
(b) Illegitimate reasons: fear of real elitism, fear of being pushed beyond comfort zones, basically, fear of that someone else knows something they don't.

Re: Why people hate this forum
December 30, 2009, 10:24:50 AM
People hate this forum because they're stupid. Plain and simple. They fail to see things our way

It's that very perspective that people foreign to ANUS hate it, because it implies the same negative teachings of Christianity, which most people (hopefully) disagree with. So, in turn, you're unintentionally forcefully exiling them, in their eyes. "Fuck you, post-September 27th, 1986 Metallica fan! You are a faggot." is what they see you doing, even though you don't mean to come across as such.

I don't exactly agree with the "stupid" accusation either, ANUS is not a black-and-white idealistic society. It itself also asserts this idea, so that's all the more true to me. I just think people are offended by the vocabulary of SRP and the terminology he chooses for the articles on here, as are most people in your community. People aren't going to like you if you strike up a conversation with them emulating ANUS's diction, they're going to be annoyed because you come off as a snob and just cocky in general. That's a big problem for some people, there's a time and place for every type of dialect in your life, believe it or not. Oh yea, no offense intended ;)

Re: Why people hate this forum
December 30, 2009, 10:36:56 AM
As a result, we try to avoid them, so we don't become the "Eugenics, National Socialism, Christian Holocaust, Sodomy and some Metal forum"

Lest you forget the legions of disposable people that use forums in general to unwind from their minimum wage job. Go to work, do dumb shit, come home and fuck around on a forum. Cool, you aren't accomplishing anything.

I do understand that small talk is necessary, and good ideas sometimes come from often unnoticed sources (the thread on here entitled Dogs, an interesting article about the role of canines in our domesticated lives) but people post dumb things on other "metal" forums, like how gay Varg is for killing someone, or anything unintellectual and shallow as that. Also, excessive patronizing of anime, 4chan, and other meme-oriented popularity sites leads to stagnation of the community's centralized ideas and foundations for inception in the first place. When you have a metal forum, you don't want topics of discussion revolving around useless information and mindless vitriolic jargon. What you DO want is active and insightful participation in interesting yet important subject matter, which this site does better than any other related to metal.