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Pre-Carcass Degenerate Medical Poetry

Pre-Carcass Degenerate Medical Poetry
December 01, 2009, 11:47:51 PM
From Wikipedophile:

"Benn started as an expressionist author before World War I when he published a small collection of poems (Morgue, 1912) concerned with the physical decay of the flesh.

    His poetry offers an introverted nihilism: an existentialist philosophy which sees artistic expression as the only purposeful action. In his early poems Benn used his medical experience and terminology to portray a morbid conception of humanity as another species of disease-ridden animal. John Collins (Bullock & Woodings, 1984, p.61)"  <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gottfried_Benn>

And here's a poem out of his five-poem series "Morgue":

Little Aster

A drowned beer-hauler was heaved onto the slab
Someone had wedged a lavender aster
between his teeth
As I reached through the chest
under the skin
with a long knife
to cut out the tongue and palate
I must have bumped the flower, for it slid
into the brain lying alongside
I packed it into the chest cavity
with the sawdust
as we sewed up
Drink your fill in that vase!
Rest in peace,
little aster!

You can read more here: http://supervert.com/elibrary/zips/benn_morgue_pdf.zip