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MASTER'S HAMMER demos and new album samples online

For sentimental reasons, it's time to publish all Master's Hammer demos playable for free on one page, in synoptic order. The sound of old tapes and cassettes has been meticulously cleaned on computer, but no additional effects were applied. You can hear alot of noise due to then recording technique and budget. Apart from musicians' effort, the audio & image restoration took us several months, so please, don't abuse anything from here.
Listen to all songs in almost CD-quality flash player, print images freely, skilled ones can grab files to burn a CD for their own personal pleasure, why not - play it loud, but don't sell it. However, you even don't have to spend single penny for a blank CD, just bookmark this page, play and watch it anytime.

In future, we are able to prepare a collector's edition of demos as a nice digipack or deluxe vinyl edition, but not until at least 300 subscribers will place their pre-order.


If anyone had a problem getting into the operetta metal of "The Jilemnice Occultist" before, I urge you to check out the more atmospheric demo version.

A new Master's Hammer album has also been recently released:

The new album of Master's Hammer is out now. It comes fourteen years after the last, rather experimental "Šlágry", and seventeen years after the last blacketal operetta "Jilemnický Okultista". Today, we're likely going to capture an attention of another generation of fans. Nevertheless, our aim was to have fun (adequately to our age) and to use proven blackmetal methods to express ourselves. Mantra is in many eastern religions a synonymum for "word of truth". I wrote these songs after real stories and feelings taken from countrysides we partly live in, namely Southern Bohemia and India.
Hence the subtitle "Countryside Operetta". -fš-