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Joining and participating in other metal sites/forums?

How do you do this without someone going "OMG UR FROM ANUS" -- Not that I have this issue often at all.

It's just any time you stir anything up that requires more than a single neuron's thought will get you heckled at by the peanut gallery.

I'm aware that a lot of forums are just people posturing for their little virtual web-empires. But there's a site I'm interested in joining because it's basically a gateway to the "metal scene" in my own locale, and it should be a good way to spread (dis)information and start some good discussions with people I stand a chance of actually meeting.

What do you do in this position? What forums are you a part of?

We, humanity, are an information network. Getting fixated on one forum is a bit like talking to only one person - soon you're going to be preaching to the converted, or end up having the same argument you've been having on a hundred occasions before.

When I notice that I'm about to post to this forum about a topic that was covered here well before, I try to think if I might know of another forum, social media, site or contact where the same piece of information be more controversial, surprising or interesting. Only posting to places where it is relevant, or where you assume it will be well received, traps the forums into monotonous, recurring cycles.

I think our main problem is probably a lack of subtlety in approach. Rather than going into a forum and posting a topic entitled 'Ideology of Metal; a polemical meditation', try participating in their discussions. Gain some standing on their board, then slowly insert more complex topics when you see an opening in an already-existing thread. If you can come up with a convincing segue, it might be possible to start slowly raising the bar on those forums.

I think there's a lack of subtlety and a lack of humility.

Go join a community, participate, and then come out of the closet as an ANUS supporter.

People don't mind that but they react badly to perceived forum invasions.

Also they freak out if you mention that Chuck and Dimebag died of AIDS and the cancer/murder were just coverups.