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MONSTROSITY, HATE ETERNAL etc. members on Metal Rules! radio

Mike Hrubovcak (frontman of Monstrosity, Azure Emote, Abraxas, Vile, Divine
Rapture, I.C.E., visualdarkness.com) , JJ Hrubovak (Hate Eternal, Vile, Divine
Rapture, I.C.E., Randall Flagg, Mourning, Azure Emote, Deeve) and
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder frontman Shawn Riley are interviewed on this weeks Metal
Rules! Radio!


Metal Rules! Radio (formerly Metal Rules! Magazine) is a weekly Metal show with
new shows every Sunday. It focuses on interviews, reviews and a healthy dash of
humor. All episodes are available for free on itunes as well.
Here's the direct link