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January 03, 2010, 11:35:39 PM
Please contribute, so that someone else besides Pantera and Linkin Park fans get represented.

The original inspiration for this study spurs from the fact that the general public traditionally seems to have prejudice toward Metal music and its participants, easily categorizing Metal fans and musicians as a very homogenous group. Despite the fact that Metal music and its (sub)culture have been part of culture for over 30 years, post-doc studies on metal music and culture – especially in Finland – have been few and often narrowly focused. Moreover, the preliminary approach for research on Metal has often been to study a causal relationship between metal music and some sociological or psychological problem, or investigate the extreme aspects of the music and its culture; research examining any potential positive aspects of metal barely exist. By conducting this study, we hope to demonstrate that people who participate in the culture of Metal - whether as fans, artists or in any other role - should not be categorized on any other basis than their common interest in metal music and the culture related to it. People from all walks of life listen to the music and participate in other activities that express their interest in and passion for this once marginal genre of music. As a result of this study, we expect to demythologize some of the most common stereotypes people have about Metal and its culture and broaden the academic and public discourse on Metal, its meaning to its fans and artists, and its potential influences on people in general. The primary data in this study consists of questionnaires and interviews of the various participants of Metal culture, for example artists, fans and event organizers. The research results should introduce significant new insights to the study of metal as part of contemporary culture and hopefully, promote a better understanding of Metal and its participants to a worldwide audience.   Please check the links below to find out more information on the project.

Finally, if you leave the site now, please come back again and participate in the study by filling out the questionnaire.

Yours in Metal,
Members of the Meaning of Metal Research Group


Re: THE MEANING OF METAL study online
January 04, 2010, 07:21:33 AM
Just completed and sent off that questionnaire.  I'm very happy to participate in this - too many people I've met recently have been shocked to find out that, intelligent and charming as I am (hehe), I listen to *gasp* METAL!  Like, oh my god, isn't that music for, like, brutes?  But you're, like, not a violent person, EL OH EL!