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January 06, 2010, 12:23:47 AM

HORNA: Hiidentorni CD re-issue 29.1.2010 Worldwide

1. Avaus / Kun Lyömme Jumalan Kodin Liekkeihin
2. Ikuisesti Kalpeina Kuoleman Muistoina
3. Hiidentorni Huokui Usvansa
4. Tappakaa Kristus!
5. Sanoista ... Pimeyteen
6. Hänen Synkkä Myrskynsä
7. Hornanväki
8. Sinulle, Mätänevä Jehova

HORNA: Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua CD re-issue 29.1.2010 Worldwide
1. Örkkivuorilta
2. Imperial Devastation
3. Sword Of Darkness
4. White Aura Buried In Ashes
5. Sormus Ja Silmä
6. Outro.

Thy sinister werewolf kult of Horna was born in 1993 by Shatraug and Moredhel. The hammer of uncreation, Gorthaur, joined in 1994 and the first release "Varjoissa" was created in 1995. Joined by Nazgul in 1996, Horna set out the course lead by "Hiidentorni" all the way upon the grim splendour of "Sudentaival". In 2001 Nazgul was replaced by Corvus unveiling an entirely new era in our existence. In the summer of 2003 we found our lead guitarist Saturnus and the unholy trinity of Shatraug-Corvus-Saturnus was born, a revelation that clouded any previous settlements. During the hardships and struggle of 2006 Saturnus decided to leave the band, but not before completing his part on the new coming full lenght album of 2008. After the 2007 European Tour it was decided to get another guitarist in the line-up again and this time the right man was closer than we could've imagined - our long-time bassist Infection. So he got promoted and a new bassist was recruited.

Current line-up 2010:
Shatraug - guitars
Infection - guitars
Qraken - bass
Corvus - vocals
Vainaja - drums

Ex-members: Nazgul, Gorthaur, Moredhel (formed Battlelore), Skratt, Vrasjarn (Profanus), A.T.Otava, Ravenum (Hammer), Saturnus (Totalselfhatred).

Lyrically Horna ventures from a past of harsh and primitive devil worship to the occult obscurity of today in an atmospheric and poetic direction - more and more in the veins of our emotions, as reflections of our beliefs and passions. Still captured by the darkness of existence, possessed by an interest in all things of the night... Another lingering question is the accusations of being a political band. HORNA has never been and never to be a political band nor do any of the band lyrics have such content. We are satanist, heathen, BLACK METAL. What any ex-members might represent is not what we stand for. For once and all, may it be clear.


HORNA: Sudentaival CD re-issue 17.3.2010

1. Synkän Muiston Äärellä
2. Sudentaival
3. Black Metal Sodomy
4. Talventuoja
5. Haudanusva
6. Skaldiriimu
7. Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu
8. Hautajaisyö
9. Noidanloitsu
10. Vihasta Ja Arvista

HORNA: Viha Ja Viikate MCD re-issue 17.3.2010

1. Viha Ja Viikate
2. Ars Laternarum
3. Mustasiipinen
4. Kun 1000 Kuuta on Kiertänyt