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Chthonian: the preachings of hate are lord album 19.02.2010

CHTHONIAN, the black metal act featuring FINNTROLL frontman Vreth, will release its new album, "The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord", on February 18 via the Finnish label Woodcut Records. Two songs from the CD — "You Will Not Lie To Me, Christ!" and "The Filthmonger" — are available for streaming on the band's Myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/officialchthonian

"The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord" features "eight new songs of CHTHONIAN-style black metal."

1. scoff at the benign
2. you should be ashamed of yourselves
3. might makes right
4. you will not lie to me, christ!
5. as we grow horns
6. the filthmonger
7. oppose, enlighten
8. the preachings of hate are lord

CHTHONIAN's last album, "Of Beatings and the Silence in Between", came out in March 2007 through Woodcut.


Mathias Lillmåns - Vocals & Bass
Markus Rosenberg - Drums
Jonas Frilund - Guitar
Staffan Holmnäs - Guitar

[Official] You will not lie to me, Christ! video on youtube!

*The Preachings of Hatred, Our Lord

That's the only sense I could make out of those sounds being in that order.  Oh, and the noun is "hatred", not "hate".

I think Finntroll had a few bad experiences with their homoerotic Troll-punk, which were retold in this epic 'Of Beatings and the Silence in Between'. Has to be one of the stupidest album titles I've seen.