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FYI Chimera, Ill Nino, Soulfly, and Slipknot Fans

FYI Chimera, Ill Nino, Soulfly, and Slipknot Fans
November 12, 2004, 03:24:06 PM
Hey Metal Heads!  If you are a fan of Chimera, Ill Nino, Soulfly, and/or slipknot, checkout the DVDs now available at www.roadrunnerrecords.com/dvd !  This is an e-card so be sure to send it to your friends who like the bands as well!  If you've seen any of the DVD's, tell me what you thought, good or bad!


Why the FUCK are you still here?

Seriously I shouldn't even bother, but shoot yourself in the head, or better yet tie a bomb to yourself you waste and take it back to the Roadrunner executives and blow yourself up there.  You fucking spammers piss me off, you came to the wrong forum with metal attached to it's name.  I really don't know why I bother saying anything against you, piece of mind I guess.  Shove off Kindrana!


---   fan  ----slipknot

...that two words.....made me puke...well all the post really and it stinks of propaganda :" hey metalheads...tell me if itīs good or bad"

 Go and have a good day being sodomized.