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Branstock and Funeral Procession out now!

Branstock and Funeral Procession out now!
April 16, 2006, 09:07:37 AM
Two new releases are out now:

BRANSTOCK (Germany) mini cd

New 10-track minicd released in co-operation with Raging Bloodlust Records (Germany - www.ragingbloodlust.de), compiling songs previously released on split 7" with Nordreich and Sadorass, as well as new songs exclusively for this release. The tracklist is:

1. Einmarsch (Der Blutharsch Interpretation)
2. Heimat im Schlafe
3. Lichtbringer
4. Entscheidungsschlacht
5. Runenmacht
6. N.D.S.
7. Der Schicksalsfaden ist gesponnen
8. Bewahrer des Märkischen Stolz
9. Gotteslästerung
10. Abschlussworte

Tracks 1, 5 and 6 taken from split 7" with SADORASS
Tracks 2, 3 and 4 taken from split 7" with NORDREICH
Track 7 taken from Tape Sampler "Black Metal Peststurm"
Tracks 8, 9 and 10 exclusively on this mCD

This mcd costs 6 euro; trades are welcome.

Mp3: http://arjan.dagdief.nl/hhmp3/branstock-heimatimschlafe.mp3

FUNERAL PROCESSION (Germany) "Schmerz aus Licht" mlp

One long, mesmerizing and hysterical black metal song. As the band theirselves said: "probably the slowest and most depressive song the band has ever written."
This truly unique release comes on a single-sided, clear lp in a handmade cotton bag and includes an insert with lyrics etc.
This lp costs 12 euro.

Mp3: http://www.funeralprocession.net/downloads/funeralprocession_schmerz_aus_licht_edit.mp3


The nearest upcoming releases will be Heimdalls Wacht - "Westfalian Schlachtenlärm" tape, Circle Of Ouroborous - "Shores" tape, Cultus - "A seat in Valhalla" cd, Meslamtaea - "New era" tape, and always more...


The mailorder has been brought totally up-to-date and now includes many rare, exclusive and long sold-out material from bands such as Conqueror, Order From Chaos, Todesstoß, Absurd, Crowned In Semen (ex-Profanatica), Draugwath, Fornost, Lugubrum, Manes, Regnum, Arkona, Maniac Butcher etc etc...
Besides that, many cd's have been lowered in price, to as low as 5 or 6 euro. I also accept Paypal now.
Every order over 25 euro gets a free copy of the "Schneesturm" compilation cdr (with Nordlicht, Brocken Moon, Mondwolf, Moonfrost, Todesweihe and Paysage D'Hiver); every order over 50 gets more free stuff and discount.

List of available releases:

HH8: MYSELF (Bel) / MAXIMUM PERVERSUM (Bel) - '-C.2-' split tape 2003 (last copies)
HH12: EMPIRE OF HATE (Aus) / MORTHOND (Usa) - split tape 2003
HH13: TÅGEFOLKET (Den) - 'Lad Asketid Begynde' 7" 2004  (last copies)
HH18: MYSELF (Bel) / MAXIMUM PERVERSUM (Bel) - "C.3" split tape 2005  (last copies)
HH21: BROCKEN MOON - "Pain rehearsal + Schattenlicht des Mondes" tape 2005
HH22: ANCESTORS BLOOD - "Wisdom opens the gates for the king" tape 2005
HH23: RITES OF CLEANSING (Ger) - "Nemesis" tape 2004
HH24: TORCH OF WAR (Ger) / WELTENKAMPF (Ger) split tape 2005
HH29: BRANSTOCK (Ger) mcd 2006
HH30: FUNERAL PROCESSION (Ger) - "Schmerz aus Licht" mlp 2006

Trades are welcome, feel free to send your lists. Also there is a very low wholesaleprice.
More info about every releases such as mp3s and covers can be found on the website.

Best regards,
http://go.to/heidenshart  and if that doesn't work: