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March 18, 2010, 11:09:29 AM
Autosuggestion has been helping me a lot. Only now I see how contra-productive toughts have been in excess in my life. It's not pseudoscience or BS as some people might think, and in spite of it being a great healing method for the weak, neurotic, lazy, it's not, as some people might wrongly think, only for these kind of unsatisfied people. Strong people, even those who are OK in their lives, have a lot to gain from this.

I'm almost finished on the first book I seriously read on the subject, by an american author, Paul C. Jagot. It's free from new age, or christian crap (some books on this topic tend to mix it with religion, and so as a result many people shun autosuggestion). Since I cannot find this book online, I'm going to share this:


I have not read this book yet, but I became familiar with this author on the book I am reading. I will read this book also. The author is the creator of the autosuggestion method. It is free from new age crap, the book is from 1922. The books by this author on amazon all have more than 100 pages. This one has 32. It's the same content, but the other books have extended content. I used the look inside feature of the site, and saw the content of the pdf file on the book, so it's the real thing. I hope you all enjoy this,