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How natural selection today removes your genes from the future

The outer appearance has changed, but structure and meaning hasn't for thousands of years or more.

In the social hierarchy of a wolf pack in captivity, the omega ranks below the alpha and beta wolves. In human terms, if an executive or a warrior is an alpha male and a nice-guy middle manager like The Office's Jim Halpert is a beta male, then Greenberg and his brethren are omega males. While the alpha male wants to dominate and the beta male just wants to get by, the omega male has either opted out or, if he used to try, given up. Greenberg says of his somewhat stunted best friend, "We call each other 'man,' but it's a joke. It's like imitating other people." The omega male is not experiencing the tired trope of the midlife crisis. A midlife crisis implies agency, a man who has the job and the family and chooses to reject it. The omega male doesn't have the power to reject anything—he's the one who has been brushed off. He's generally unemployed, and his romantic relationships are in shambles—he's either single or, if he's married, not happy about it. "I'm doing nothing and I'm tied to no one," Greenberg boasts.


Thats why man needs warfare.  Gives him something to do.  You'd be suprised who really are "alpha males" when the fucking bombs are blasting around.


I was under the impression there could be only one omega male in a pack and that it actually serves a purpose - having a whipping boy helps social cohesion apparently.

Anyway, the top reply was pretty amusing.

It was entertaining to read both the article and comments here; very illuminating! What I see is something like this. A intelligent, educated woman who is probably not super attractive has built up a little bit of bitterness against men. She then writes an article documenting the pop cultural trend of useless "omega males" being celebrated by Apatow-esque comedies. A bunch of male Slate readers who probably don't make too much money felt that the various "Omega Man" descriptions by the author hit a little too close to home and responded. 
What men and women both need to realize is that both groups objectify each other constantly. Men see women as "hot chicks", "fat chicks", etc., with various subdivisions among the groups. Women view men as "alpha males" "omega males", "sad beer guys", "mimbos" etc. 
As a young man who grew up in the 90's and went to a liberal arts college I do think it's ridiculous for feminist-leaning women to complain about "Don Draper" type, alpha-male oppressors in the 60's, indoctrinate men for several generations to act more like "omega males" and then complain when after a couple of decades there are a few less Don Draper's around!