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ESPN Writer fired for expressing views on Haiti

Another symptom of our "give everything to the needy" civilization.


Note how he never once insults the people of Haiti, never blames it on them, and still, hippie idiots make him out to be RACITS!!!1

Shirley was fired from writing for ESPN after publishing this post.

Having reviewed the thread, baby Jesus is most definitely weeping at this point.

Socrates challenges the State, and is sentenced to death.

Jesus challenges Roman authority and Jewish materialism, and is crucified.

Shirley challenges donating to Haiti, and is fired.

One more name is added to the list of those who martyred themselves for Truth.

Shirley has a long history of using the public forum his employers have provided to shoot off his mouth about subjects that are not only beyond his personal area of expertise, but fall way, way outside the realm of what he's being paid to do.  I'd have fired him too, not because I disagree with him (I don't, for the most part), but because using company assets to make the statement he made at the time he made it (particularly in light of some of his past commentary) demonstrates the sort of monumentally poor judgment that I would never be willing to tolerate in someone who worked for me.

Socrates purposefully aggravated the jury.

Jesus probably did something stupid, I can't remember.

Shirley made many retarded comments.


Socrates purposefully aggravated the jury.

Jesus probably did something stupid, I can't remember.

Shirley made many retarded comments.


Socrates wasn't playing with house money and Paul Shirley is no Socrates.

Quiet!  You'll ruin my analogy!

Socrates purposefully aggravated the jury.

He sacrificed himself to destroy the illusion of moral supremacy to democracy.

For the most part, I think, his gamble worked.

We also don't know the full story -- we know he was older; what if he had started coughing up blood? Then he made a brilliant decision.

I reckon they should have punished him with a salary and complementary evening meals for the rest of his life.

Jesus probably did something stupid, I can't remember.
He attempted, and kind of succeeded, at replacing the Jewish Materialist outlook with total insanity.  A dualistic reality, which has now even crept into sects of Judaism.  He also literally deified himself.  And let's not forget his socialist propaganda, the rich = evil   the poor = good.  Fuck Jesus, he deserved to be crucified.  He called himself God, and we called his bluff by nailing his ass to the fucking cross.

"The Jews killed Jesus" should be considered a slogan of praise, not condemnation. Whether he meant well or not, he fell into the old trap. We're all equal and it's not our fault our lives may suck, so let's demand the rich take care of us.

In what way did Jesus question Jewish materialism?

About Haiti: It doesn't help that it has a 300+ year history of being a slave state with every attempt at (meaningful) democracy being put down by the US. And the ridiculous amount of debt the country has to France.

ITT: people who haven't read the Gospel According to Thomas.

But then, I hate Catholics.

When it comes to Haiti, I am so totally uninterested, I cannot even begin to describe my disinterest.  Primarily, I suppose, because it doesn't exist.  Haiti is about as important to me as AIDS, Elvis Presley, and "Freedom Fries".

In what way did Jesus question Jewish materialism?
The Jewish tradition teaches that there is only one world, the physical world, and all things are a part of it.  Therefore, any reward or punishment one receives is in this life.  Jesus taught that this world is simply a passage to the next and that material rewards are worthless, in fact evil.  Instead, you are rewarded (heaven) or punished (hell) in world 2.  He even explicitly states that all of his followers should sell everything they own and use their money to feed the poor.  And then there's the infamous, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.