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More Blockbuster locations close w/ unrealistic sales

"Blockbuster plans for its total 2009 store closures to amount to 580 to 685 stores and for 2010, the retailer expects another 230 to 275 store will close. The retailer is avoiding lease termination costs, as many of the stores will close as leases naturally expire. In its January 2009 annual report, Blockbuster said it had 4,585 U.S. stores, so it has already closed 229 this year. During 2008, it closed 270 U.S. stores and during 2007, it closed 339 U.S. stores."


There's more information on the article. What prompted this post is that last night I had found myself in a Blockbuster location on the verge of closing. From wall to wall are DVDs priced as low as $3.99. Most of the ones that fall into that price range are old Horror and Sci-Fi films. I'd say it's a pretty good investment if you haven't converted to a Blue-ray player yet. I for one made out like a bandit including a copy of the Beastmaster with a 14 page booklet outlining this history of the film and the original film poster. So it must be getting to an alltime impossibility for these guys to peddle out these films with piracy, netflicks, redbox and on demand if they're basically giving these films away for practically nothing along with a number of collectible goodies in certain packages.

Blockbuster is long gone where I live. I suppose other video rental places will soon follow. I wish there was one around now as I can never justify actually buying movies at the normal prices.

Lean and mean in the new phat. The Old Navy retailer is undergoing a massive liposuction type trimming down as well. There are many others. Banks go without saying.