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Collapse News Desk

Re: Collapse News Desk
June 01, 2011, 06:03:13 PM
Dow Jones falls. Treasuries take a dump. Manufacturing and jobs are probably gone permanently, as VP Biden has long since bluntly asserted.


They've been using this phrase consistently each week for years now. Someone issuing these forecasts is either stupid or lying. This is most definitely the case for the mainstream media publishing the same sort of misleading reports followed by the exact same displaced retractments every week.

Re: Collapse News Desk
June 02, 2011, 06:49:05 AM
The modern liberal narrative is that now that we have hope/change and racial equality symbol, we are destined to become Utopia.

Anything clashing with that is a surprise.

We are, of course, inheriting this recession from 1995:

(1) Bill Clinton's fast money policy: great at the time, total disaster starting in 2000 and continuing through now. Bush alleviated the worst of it as best he could.
(2) The dot-com bubble. Suddenly, all this phantom money occurred. Where did it go? We fall into the hole.
(3) Baby Boomers hitting their peak career earnings and spending jacked up the economy. 20 in 1968 means 50 in 1998.
(4) Bush DOJ leaning on lenders to make more minority loans, which then liberated other lenders to make riskier loans in general. Regulators set the tone.

Blaming this on Bush/911 is shortsighted. 911 kicked it off when everyone panicked, with the result being that our phantom value got uncovered.

The rest of the world felt a ripple effect, much like in 1929.

Re: Collapse News Desk
May 15, 2013, 11:30:26 AM
Germany doing okay but Eurozone still contracts for 6th quarter. France gets blindsided with yet another recession.


Third World overtakes financially anemic civilization's demand for same fuel.


Oh yeah. Bluefin tuna in Asia auctions for tens of thousands of dollars for a fish. The price hasn't stopped demand and there aren't more bluefin tuna because of any invisible hand nonsense.

Re: Collapse News Desk
May 17, 2013, 12:24:14 PM
Rep. Mike Burgess, (R-Texas) on the skyrocketing costs of health care under the presidentís health-care law.

100 to 400 percent increase in cost to existing plans. Working Americans have been already experiencing higher rates as insurers prepare for the new law's implementation. Combine this with the new increases in payroll taxes. So, either middle class individual households go bankrupt or the ever growing system does.