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Profanatica's mysterious fourth member

Profanatica's mysterious fourth member
June 12, 2010, 01:05:17 PM
I'm a big Profanatica fan. I spend hours listening to their music and just staring at their photos. A particular photo has had my interest for a very long time now. This picture is actually quite famous in the metal underground:

I was staring at this photo a few weeks ago when I suddenly noticed some weird black shape in the background. So I opened the picture in photoshop and made it brighter to make the shape more clear:

After nights of running the picture through various photoshop software and slowly exposing more of the shape I've managed to uncover what has to be the fourth member of Profanatica!

I assume the fourth member got kicked out of the band either shortly before or shortly after recording the unreleased "Raping of the Virgin Mary" album. I have no idea why he has never been mentioned and why he was altered out of the photo. All the events surrounding the unreleased album are shrouded in mysteries. If we can determine the identity of the fourth member then perhaps we can ask him for more information about this important part of Profanatica history.