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TV Death Metal documentary / Amon on cable TV (1990's)

I'm not saying this is a "great" documentary, or representative of early 90's DM.

It does however feature David Vincent talking about the genre in the simple-tongue, which out of his mouth sounds like psychic commands. I'm never impressed with Glenn Benton's interviews in the early days or even later on. Keep watching though, the videotape cuts to an AMON (pre-Deicide) performance on cable TV. At first though, seeing the Deicide boys dressed in their spiked armor, in some decently lit performance room is kind of depressing. My first assumption was (these guys are about to make fools out of themselves in front of the world). I ate those thoughts after watching it. Midway though Sacrificial Suicide, I felt as if I was absorbed back into that mythological nightmare world that was flanked by high-school, "Stop-The-Madness", skateboarding and underage drinking. Probably one of the best performances I've seen them do, though I am judging this based on nostalgic principals alone.


While it took balls for Amon to do that performance, it's probably that no one in the audience, and very few watching, probably understood what they were trying to do whatsoever.

And let's be honest, it's not like Glen and crew were ever the deepest when it came to their art.....

This video reminded me how awesome Assück is.. but anyway, this video is really something else. I don't quite know how I would respond if I saw Incantation or the likes playing on public TV these days.

Deicide at the time of this video were pretty young, and not quite as musically mature as when they wrote Legion. Which was really their opus, and then pretty rapid descension into mediocrity afterward.

This video reminded me how awesome Assück is.

I concur. Assuck is a favorite of mine. The interview at the beginning with David Vincent was enjoyable. He was quite a well spoken man back then.

Deicide/Amon has always been too blockheaded and goofy for me. I don't take them seriously. Besides that the music just isn't enjoyable at all to my ears.