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Breastfeeding: creepy and difficult

Breastfeeding: creepy and difficult
June 28, 2010, 05:32:28 AM
In Kathryn Blundell's article for Mother & Baby, entitled I formula fed. So what?, she explains how she never breastfed because "I wanted my body back. (And some wine) ... I also wanted to give my boobs at least a chance to stay on my chest rather than dangling around my stomach."

She continues with, "They're part of my sexuality, too - not just breasts, but fun bags. And when you have that attitude (and I admit I made no attempt to change it), seeing your teeny, tiny, innocent baby latching on where only a lover has been before feels, well, a little creepy."

The UK Department of Health (DoH) recommends breastfeeding for six months and launched a controversial "Breast is Best" ad campaign to convince mothers to put down the bottles. According to the DoH, only one in 100 British mums actually does breastfeed for that long.

Of these "quitters", Blundell says, "I often wonder whether many of these women, like me, just couldn't be fagged (did not want to make the effort) or felt like getting tipsy once in a while."


I for one agree with her. I wouldn't let kids sit on my lap either, that's just creepy after all the lapdances I paid for. Also I'm usually too drunk to have a conversation, and when I do have a conversation with someone I'm usually just trying to get into their pants. So I don't talk with my children because I think it's creepy. I'm a feminist btw.

A woman has got to have her priorities in line! What will all the other moms at the PTA meeting say if they find out her husband left her for one of those perky-breasted teenagers. A woman in this day and age should NOT have to worry about the health of her own children. A proper liberated woman pays someone to do that for her. Now since we all know that scientists in China have scientifically proven with scientific tests that women actually become more attractive with age just like men(citation needed), we can't have these parasites leeching the fun out of my bags. There must be progress toward a future where men can be made to breast feed at least the same amount of time as women, in fact more in order to pay for the years of abuse. We feminists have discovered that semen has nearly identical properties to human breast milk and are working on a way so that babies can derive sustenance directly from a man's own fun bags. Only until then can we have absolute equality!

I think we all agree people who think like this are wrong, but I  always felt like on ANUS some things were exaggerated. For example, ANUS used to say society to the writer of the site as a kid was strange, one of the reasons being, people couldn't talk about farting. I agree, but it isn't always like that. People talk about farting all the time. They just don't do it on their jobs, but some families talk amongt hem

If you ask people on the street many will expose radical views, and I think most would be baffled by the decision of the woman in this article. ANUS made it seem to me that on the USA what dominated were those ridiculous, overweight, christian white blonde depressive moms, who are overprotective etc. Of course they do exist, but I wonder if ANUS doesn't make the "defectvies" seem like a bigger number than they really are.

It's like "heterophobia". Sure, some gays with their new rights may be influenced and start being heterophobic. But most people are still prejudiced against gays. Or, passivity and non-violence: Many liberals may be like this, but if you are out in the world, activity and violencie will certainly appear.

From the chest
you see them hang
nowhere else
left to hide
people screaming
nipples swing
fear of mammaries
guess who sucks