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Deathspell Omega Interview

Deathspell Omega Interview
June 29, 2010, 06:14:29 AM

Whatever your thoughts on their music (personally I don't know it very well), this is probably the most interesting interview with a metal musician I have come across.  The intelligence displayed by this band member is beyond that of any metal musician I have previously encountered.  Surprisingly much of what is said comes close to the general consensus regarding the direction of metal music on this forum.

Some particularly interesting quotes...

"Are you concerned at all about the reaction to these religious developments within a certain minority of black metal as being seen as "just another trend" in a very trendy scene?

- Not quite. I can't count the multitudes of philosophes who underlined that Truth can never be understood by a large number of people, not to mention their statement on the notion of evolution. It would be very egalitarian and humanistic of us to care about the opinion of the masses, be it the black metal masses, don't you think?"

"Remember, when Luther had translated the Bible into vernacular language, and by doing so gave access to the divine words to a broader, thus less educated public, he soon had to put as a preamble to an interpretation of these texts a serious cultural background that nothing can ever be interpreted freely."

"Intellectually, I'd dare to say a new generation -well, a couple dozen individuals worldwide, more realistically- is ready to break boundaries. Maybe certain individuals here and there have finally the will and understanding to truly materialise Black Metal out of the ashes of what it never fully was? Let me tell you that the real potential of Black Metal hasn't yet been realised. How could it be, when Black Metal nowadays is synonymous with close to no artistic vision but stands exclusively for a carbon copy of a sound, a non- attitude and non-ideas? Don't get me wrong, traditionalism is a valid aspect, but when no alternative to traditionalism is open anymore it is called stagnation, and stagnation equals artistic death. Had a literary movement reached such a rotting point, it'd have been laughed at and dismissed as ridiculous for years from the inside.

That these few visionaries tend to go over banal anti-Christian sentiments isn't that surprising, as banal anti- Christian sentiments are but the manifestation of primitive first-degree rebellion. You know, that phase which about every human goes through when he's a teen? To deny the current cultural and spiritual paradigm is but a logical move, but if there's nothing to happen behind the denial, well, I do not have to point out what kind of intellectual void it implies, do I?"

"Professing a belief, or rather describing the different stones that pave the road on the quest that true faith implies, is synonymous with being active, it witnesses of spiritual evolution, of gains and of losses. As we wrote above, denial can't be anything other than a very first step, unless you want to embrace the most primitive nihilism."

"In this case it's basically the debate between those who want to enthrone Black Metal as a form of Art (in the noble sense of the word, Art as a key to truly understand dare I say everything. The devil is one of the keys to what is known as l'art total.) and those who want to let it remain as merely another form of entertainment. We despise this second category, immensely and irremediably, that goes without saying."

"Honestly, we can not be considered as witnesses to the French scene first and foremost because our modus operandi is exclusive by essence and becomes inclusive solely by the transcendental link of the Verb, a common language if you prefer. To mention a rare example, Antaeus shares this language. You may understand however that beyond that we have nothing to say on this topic."

Re: Deathspell Omega Interview
June 30, 2010, 04:48:21 AM
To be honest, I don't see much of interest in the interview.

It's the same old stuff that nearly every black metal band talk about in interviews.

"Black metal is art, not entertainment! We hate entertainment!" Etc. They've just stated the usual memes in a typically pseudo-intellectual fashion.

Re: Deathspell Omega Interview
June 30, 2010, 07:36:07 PM
This is a good one.  Too bad the music sucks after "Si Monumentum...". 

Related: I never understood why these orthodox bands don't just embrace Christianity.  What part of the Christian worldview do they disagree with, other than the humanism?  I don't know nearly enough about theology to interpret the lyrics, so if anyone could explain this I'd be grateful.

Re: Deathspell Omega Interview
July 01, 2010, 01:22:12 AM
Related: I never understood why these orthodox bands don't just embrace Christianity. 

I think most of them would, if they just lost the hipster-ish obsession with being "cool" and "different"; the entire clique is about shocking black metal crowd with elements of Christianity in order to evoke reality cults and insanity by association. A bit like they would be shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR" but they aren't quite there yet. That's because most of them are Swedish; well educated, but too bourgeoisie and happy.

Re: Deathspell Omega Interview
July 01, 2010, 11:49:25 AM

Simpler, honest and with plenty of good points. I would read those instead. Other interviews on Graveland's new site are also worth checking.