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A DAY OF DEATH (1990) festival article, MP3 set

October 20, 1990, the (Country Club) Skyroom in Buffalo, NY...if you were there you will never forget it, if you weren't there you wish you were. The pinnacle of the early death metal scene, the moment just before the majors noticed death metal and screwed up a good thing. A lineup of bands still unsurpassed some 20 years later - Radiation Sickness, Lucifer's Hammer, Deceased, Suffocation, Goreaphobia, Incantation, Mortician, Disharmonic Orchestra, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Baphomet, Repulsion and Autopsy. Two decades later A Day of Death is still talked about in international circles, and not just by those who were there, it has become the thing of legend to the newer death metal fans who were too young to have been there.


Was just listening through the MP3s.  It really was a different world back then.  I think I was watching some live videos of Deicide not to long ago and there is a huge difference, that being that now these bands are superstars and act like it.

How is this news?

How is this news?

It was news in 1990. So it's still news.