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IRON MAIDEN: world "better off" ruled by heavy metal

Bruce Dickinson, frontman of metal legends Iron Maiden, has declared that the world would be "better off" if it was "ruled by heavy metal bands".

"Today is like a special day, a celebration of everyone that likes heavy metal. If we left it up to the media and the BBC no-one would know about this music.

"If heavy metal bands ruled the world we'd be a lot better off. There would be more a lot more drinking and a lot more shagging and nursery rhymes would sound like this."


That was very teenage.

The last thing the world needs is more shagging.

The last thing the world needs is more shagging.

Or, get a bunch of kamikazi AIDS infested warriors to breed with the useless so they all die out.

Since when do metalheads get laid? It only works if you're in a band.

It sounds like Hessianism must have changed for the worst since I've been away from the subculture. That, or not getting any is a general modernity thing. Dunno.

At this point, Dickinson talking about metal ideals is like an aristocrat talking about the poor. He's miles away from what's actually happening.

Metal exhausted its creative resources about 20 years into its inception.

For fuck's sake, even America did better than that!